4 Great Reasons to Stretch Every Day!

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Knowing how to stretch and when to do it is just as important as the actual stretch itself.  How knowledgeable are you when it comes to selecting which type of stretch is beneficial for your needs? There are many different types of stretching and different ways to different approach them, but we’ll get into that a little bit later.  Which part of your body do you need to work on and stretch out more than the other? There are so many questions that come to mind when I think about doing a daily stretching routine to start my day.  With my tight daily schedule, I need to make sure I’m not wasting any precious time.

Body Aches

I’m no expert, but I like to start my stretching routine by concentrating on body parts that I use the most. In my case, it usually starts with my legs since I do a lot of walking.  My main priority is always stretching those body parts that are of bother to me throughout the day and sometimes night. For example, my neck or even my back is another stretch that I would include.

If you’re a busy mom like me, being on feet all day is what we do.  It’s never an option and strenuous activities that may affect your back are always on our to-do list.  A great way to start your mornings would be to prepare your legs and your back for a full day of activities.  The routine should include stretching of your entire body with more concentration on those extremities that are more commonly used.  If only one specific side of your body is constantly feeling the pain, like your right shoulder, then you only work the right shoulder until you even out the flexibility.

Being Proactive

Being proactive is important once you’ve fixed the areas which are troubling you, but taking precautions is important too. You don’t want to over stretch your body and cause any form of pain. That would be silly since you’re trying to eliminate it. With that said, stretching prior to a workout is great. No more aches and pains after because you’re done your work before.

Work That Negativity!

Turn a negative into a positive. Hate daily exercise? We can relate, but we all have to do it especially the stretching. Create yourself a positive space in order to make the experience more enjoyable.  Allow yourself 10 minutes a day to work on your stretching routine without the bother of the outside world. No TV, no phones, no computers and I’m sorry, no kids! This is your time to work on you; they won’t miss you in ten minutes so do what’s important for yourself now so that you can be available for them later.

Stretch and Get Paid For It!


No time in the morning to do a stretching routine because we know that with each passing minute, there’s potential to be late to work and we unquestionably don’t want that. Do your stretching while you work. Have a desk job? Well, guess what? Stretch those feet while you speaking to a client or completing the task at hand.  Shhhh… we won’t tell if you won’t!

Expecting mommies should seek professional advice on how to properly stretch when you’re expecting.

You are now ready to start your stretching routine. It’s important to aim for mornings as this is the time of the day you will be at your highest level of energy, so pick a time and get started.  You can find additional information on proper stretching methods below. It’s crucial to understand the stretching techniques so that we don’t intentionally hurt ourselves in the process of being proactive.

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Medical Disclaimer:

We are not physician! The advice you are receiving is simply the opinion of the writer of this article. If you feel the pain you are experiencing is more serious, you should consult with your physician as soon as possible.  If you feel you need further advise on how to properly perform a stretch, we advise you to seek the advice of a professional like a personal trainer or your local Physical Therapist.


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