4 Reasons Why Women Can’t Part With Their Clothes!

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It’s completely true!  Do men and women think differently when it comes to shopping for new clothing or even getting rid of their old ones? I don’t know about the men, but women have their own theories as to why they just can’t part with their more fashionable pieces.

There’s one trait about women that men can’t seem to comprehend; our extensive collection of clothes is what we live for, it’s our obsession.  Our comfort zone when we feel sad or blue. We build up our wardrobe from the time we are teenagers and it doesn’t stop until we die.  We tend to build relationships with our clothes and giving up some of our favorite pieces simply because they no longer fit is a silly idea.  Even if we choose to NEVER wear them again, it gives us great comfort seeing them hanging in the back of our closets and being hopeful that one day they’ll fit again.

Sentimental Value

We express our creative side in the way we dress and every outfit holds a specific meaning or a sentimental memory.   Perhaps an outfit that you wore on your first date with your husband, or that special dress that he loves so much which you wore the day he proposed to you, the list is endless.   Whatever the reason is that you’re still holding on to those skinny jeans that has a stain on your behind is your decision and yours alone.  Your husband and men in general will never understand your madness, it’s just not who they are.

History Repeats Itself

I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase before; well the same concept applies to fashion. There are pieces in our wardrobe that are priceless that will never go out of style. We can wear those suits 10 years down the line and nobody will know the difference because quality stands out. That Chanel suit we’ve been storing in the back of our closet can be worn for decades to come as long as it has been cleaned and stored properly, you are good to go!

Why to shop when you don’t need! 

We’ve all been through it.  A temporary financial crisis!   A period in our lives when going shopping is just not in the cards at that time.  There are just more important items to purchase such as diapers and baby clothes.  That new pair of jeans that your best girlfriend is rocking; will never find its way into your closet so let it go.  That’s when it’s nice to be able to open up your closet and find a dress you bought yet haven’t worn.  A real life saver for when heading to a last minute dinner party and nothing to wear.

No tantrums 5 minutes before leaving because you have NOTHING to wear.  Dig into your stash wardrobe.  You know which one, the one that still has the labels attached.  Thank goodness you made that purchase when you really didn’t need to, but women know these tantrums happen more than we’d like to admit so preparing in advance definitely works.


A girl knows that every garment purchased is an investment.  Whether it’s a bag, a dress, shoes or even an accessary, we know that leaving the tags on will probably score us a resell.  Consignment stores are popping up all over the net and selling a fashionable piece will never be problem.  Facebook alone has a ton of stores and groups dedicated to selling, trading or purchasing previously owned pieces.  Do be careful to read the fine print as some clothes are pre-worn and will not include a tag.

The phenomenon has been unraveled; we have all been enlightened as to why some women just can’t part with their clothes.  It all makes sense now and women all over the world will continue this fashionable tradition for decades to come.  They will continue to form relationships with their clothing regardless of what anyone thinks.  Understanding the reasons behind our madness and understanding the fact that it makes us happy is all the information one should need. Happy shopping my friends!

By: Ida L

Images:  www.theeightsbistro.com


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