6.2 Earthquake in Italy Levels 4 Towns

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Unfortunately, the number of victims grew to 290 and many are still missing.

Funerals are being held today for the victims of Arquata. Among the 35 souls being laid to rest, there are two children.

CNN reports that around 6,600 rescuers are at work in the region, according to authorities, but they know time is against them. With each passing hour, the likelihood of finding survivors diminishes.

Survivors are coming forward to tell their stories during the powerful earthquake, many were not as lucky.

It is said that the town of Amatrice will be converted to a museums for others to see where the earthquake struck, destroying the beautiful built centuries ago that is now only rubble.

If you’re interesting in donating, please visit: https://www.youcaring.com/local-community-in-amatrice-633839

Devastating news coming from Central Italy.  A 6.2 earthquake has shaken the town of Norcia in Umbria at 3:30am, leaving people running for their lives from a home they’ll never see again, however most were not as lucky.  The earthquake was followed by a 5.5 quake, leaving 63 people dead and as many as 150 still missing.  Many are still stuck under the rubble with tremors being felt as far as Rome, 100 miles away from Norcia and surrounding towns that were also affected. It seems Croatia was also one of the many who felt the tremors of the earthquake as well.

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NPR reports  “Amatrice, Accumoli and Pescara del Tronto, in the Apennine mountains, are among the hardest-hit towns. They’re small in size but popular as tourist destinations.” Usually almost triples in the amount of people visiting during the summer months when most are on vacation. The town was full of tourists from all around the world including those living close by and just enjoying the town of Norcia.

Reports of children’s voices were heard coming from underneath the wreckage.  dailymail.co.uk  reports of local people in town were frantically digging through the wreckage with their bare hands trying to dig up the screaming children.

An eight-month-old baby, his brother, nine, and their parents, who were buried in their sleep.  An elderly couple from Pescara del Tronto was the first reported as dead.  It will be days before the reality of this unfortunate event sets in and more information is released about the damage the earthquake has caused.

The architecture of those affected towns were old, going back to the 13th century, were all lost in the earthquake and crumbled down.  Although according to the Daily Mail, The 13th Century bell-tower in Amatrice is one of the few buildings that remain standing.

Images of September 11 attacks popped into my mind. When both building of the WTC collapsed and emergency services, fire department, police and just people from everywhere were digging with their bare hands trying to rescue people whom were believed to be alive.

We cannot express the loss and devastation they must feel and its difficult waking up to such terrible news knowing there is nothing you can do in such events as natural disasters except offer your assistance to the people of Italy in the aftermath.

Originally born in Russian, earthquakes were very common in our town and I have had the unfortunate displeasure of experiencing an earthquake as a child on many occasions. It was the most terrifying experience of my life.  The thought of seeing your family in such panic and the earth shaking underneath you uncontrollably, it’s frightening to say the least.

By: Ida L

Images: Remo Casilli & Alessandro Bianchi – REUTERS






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