7 Helpful Tips That Will Make Your Outdoor Autumn Party a Success!

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What you need to know before throwing an outdoor party in the fall.  My favorite tips and tricks to get you started!   

The weather is crisp, chilly and you can finally pull out those cozy sweaters you’ve been waiting all year to wear.  You can find practically anything pumpkin spice on the market; from your most beloved desserts, cereals and my ultimate favorite pumpkin spice latte which I make a point to get as soon as it’s available.

Each year we begin autumn with welcoming some of the holidays of fall with first celebrating Oktoberfest, Jewish Holy holidays we then move on to Halloween, and finally Thanksgiving. There are lots of opportunities to gather with your family and friends and bring in the new season with parties and fun festivities for everyone to enjoy.  What better way to bring the whole family together than have a cozy outdoor party with all your friends and loved ones.


You’ve been preparing and you’re finally ready to throw your first fall party.  Here’s what you need to know before you start your guest list.

Unpredictable Weather:

Be ready for anything. Officially, the fall is still hurricane season, so be prepared. It can be abnormally hot or raining and with today’s climate change, the weather is so irregular and unpredictable that it can actually snow in the fall.  Be prepared for anything is the key! Do your research and truly hope for the best possible weather. I try to use a weather app that gives me a long term weather forecast, but those are very unreliable because the weather can change at any time and so does their forecast. Be sure to check frequently, especially a few days before the event.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is to pay attention to detail such as the lows of the day as well as the highs.   Just because the sun is shining in the morning doesn’t necessarily mean you can expect the same weather in the afternoon.

Check with your local weather site for an extended monthly forecast and you’ll get a better idea of when the party will work best. Have a tarp in place to at least cover all the tables; the rest is not as important unless you have something special in mind that will need coverage, then buy appropriately.

Just in Case Resources:

Just in case you need them, keep a stack of blankets on hand for your guests. Not everyone will remember to bring a jacket and the last thing you want is your guests dispersing because they’re cold.  Rent a couple of large heaters if you can and place them randomly around the backyard. This way the blankets will not be necessary and your guests will be comfortable to enjoy the party even late into the evening.  The same applies should it become too hot. A fan or two will keep the place cool and the air circulating.

Fall Décor


Keep the colors of your décor warm and cozy. Stick to the oranges, dark reds, yellows and browns, the colors of autumn.  If it’s a Halloween party that you are hosting, the pumpkins can be used to serve the food or even provide a deep dish for your chips and pretzels. Just line a medium carved out pumpkin with a plastic bag and throw in your chips, pretzels or even cookies in side. Fill to the top and you have yourself another item for your décor with and a bowl for your goodies.  Place some ice cubes in the pumpkin and you have a great way to chill your drinks.  Sunflowers bring a little bit of brightness to the warm colors of autumn, so place few bunches around to brighten up the mood.  Use nature as your décor as well as lighting by placing smaller size lit pumpkins to pave the way to your front door. You never know if some guests will arrive a bit later and this little idea will give them a better direction as to where they need to walk.  Lastly, don’t forget the front of your home must represent the event as well.

Party Time:

If at all possible, try not to schedule your event too late in the day, otherwise, an outdoor party will need to go indoors and all your effort will be wasted.  It’s no longer summer and sun goes down much earlier, so be prepared to entertain even when that happens.


Chances are, your event will probably run into the evening, be sure to set up extra lighting; you don’t want to get stuck last minute when the sun goes down and it becomes too dark to stay outdoors.  Try hanging lights around your backyard which will give it a romantic feel as well as provide another form of decoration.  Strings of lights will also work and will probably work better than most lighting devices you place around because they are overhead and will allow the light to cover bigger areas.   Throw in some pumpkin string lights and it will blend well, providing additional lighting.  Place some candles in the pumpkins you’ve carved and voila, more lights!

Place some lanterns around your property; you will need to light up more than just the sitting area.  People need to see where they are going and need to be able to take a light along with them if they need to.  If the lanterns don’t run on batteries, provide a flashlight to your guests if they need to run to their car as it’s much safer idea than lantern especially if it runs on oil.


You will want to have a little bit of music to set the ambiance. Your music should match your event. Prepare a party appropriate playlist a head of time so that you have music for at least 2-3 hours.  You don’t have time to play DJ too!

Fire Pit


If your property allows for one, a fire pit is a great way to entertain.  It is bright, warm and you can gather together to roast some yummy marshmallows.  Make sure the pit is far away from your tables as possible. There’s no time or room for mistakes especially if there are children coming.  If part of your decoration includes placing hay stacks around the table and using them for seating, keep the hay stacks far away from the fire pit so there are no accidents.  Just in case of such an event, have fire-extinguishers on hand. Better safe than sorry is my motto.

Now you’re prepared and ready to throw the bash of the season.  The party will be so amazing; your friends will ask you to host an autumn celebration every year.  Have fun and take lots of pictures!

By: Ida L

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