Autonomous Vehicles on the Streets of New York Progressing into the Future

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Driver-less car;  also known as Autonomous Vehicle, becoming a reality on the street of New York and all over the world as we progress into the future.

The future is finally here as most would say.  Leading car manufacturers are taking this concept to a whole new level with driver-less vehicles to be tested on public roads in the near future.  Autonomous vehicles will soon be allowed on the streets of New York according to Andrew Cuomo. The futuristic car, still in its early stage of design will be selected and experimentation will begin sometime in the near future.

An idea so hard to believe it almost sounds ridiculous, but it’s completely true.  In fact, New York is a bit late with rolling out this new concept.  It seems, California, back in 2014 also did their share of autonomous vehicle testing.  Although it did work, it seems a full roll-out was a bit of challenge for them as expected.

Are New Yorkers looking at a bigger challenge once rolled out than perhaps say California that doesn’t have as much walking traffic us we do? We will undeniably experience more of disregard, simply put.   New Yorkers are not patient enough to wait for the light to turn before walking; they are all in a hurry. The attitude towards drivers is more aggressive therefore resulting in more people disobeying the law and walking where they are not supposed to.  This concept known as “Jay Walking”, something Californians know too well is a big “No No”.

A statement made by Governor Cuomo earlier this week, he stated the following “We are taking a careful yet balanced approach to incorporating autonomous vehicles on our roads to reduce dangerous driving habits, decrease the number of accidents and save lives on New York roadways,” a concept we hope will eventually do as it says.

A vehicle has not yet been selected at this time, but numerous automobile companies are in competition attempting to create the perfect machine to get the job done.  Top companies are competing for a chance to create a vehicle that is a self-driving technology that will eventually take over the automobile industry and change the entire concept of transportation entirely.  We are curious to see how advanced these autonomous cars will become.

Leading automobile companies such as Tesla, Uber Technologies, Ford, Toyota Motor Corp and even Apple Inc is just some of the competitors interested in becoming the concept car of the future. Applications are currently being accepted for a year-long program that will allow New York to find out if this is something that will work for us.

According to, there are some instructions that competitors are required to follow prior to being considered for the part.  “Companies in New York must have a $5 million insurance policy, submit reports to the state, be overseen by the state police and pay the state police for supervising each test.  Testing also cannot take place in construction or school zones – which take up huge swaths of land in New York City – and must adhere to a predesignated route shared in advance with the state.”

Many are curious as to where the resources will be coming from to manage such a costly program. This is a federally managed program that will be responsible for selecting the design as well as testing of this impressive new idea, autonomous vehicles to be exact.

After further research into the new idea of autonomous vehicles; the new wave of future cars.  There’s some concern as to how this will eventually affect New Yorkers’ jobs.  The employment of so many individuals who will be left without employment once this new concept emerges.

According to, they predict an estimated 4 million driving jobs will be at risk once the new autonomous vehicles are in effect.  This number will include individuals working for the city like bus drivers and delivery drivers.  Individuals who drive trucks for a living as well as taxi drivers, which in New York is how many survive and feed their families.

The most exciting news about this is the program will also modernize our city by updating our traffic light.  They will be required to be aligned with the new autonomous vehicles being tested.   Synchronizing the traffic lights alone will bring a whole new concept to New York. Those that live in New York completely understand what we are referring to.  They are never aligned and New Yorkers will be happy to see that change happen. Perhaps that is the reason for the traffic jam solution we’ve all been waiting for.

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