Bring In The Fall With This Lip-Smacking Spinach Soup

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There’s no other way to welcome autumn than with some comfy homemade soup to warm you up and give you that cozy feeling.  It’s light, it’s healthy and it’s a great way to maintain that girlish figure you’ve worked on all summer.  Besides, it will give your family a break from the usual minestrone and chicken noodle soup you have for dinner.  With a little help from Mother Nature, this soup requires zero effort but the taste is incredible. A vegetarian delight!

Spinach Soup 8


1 box frozen chopped spinach

6 medium potatoes cut into 1” cubes

2 medium carrots – grated

1 large onion cut into 1/4” cubes

1 tbsp. vinegar

1 tbsp. sugar

4 large eggs

1 bunch scallions

Small bunch dill

Salt & pepper to taste


Egg mixture with herbs

Sour Cream or plain yogurt


Use a large pot and fill 3/4 ways with water. Immediately throw in cut up potatoes and onions, grated carrots, salt and pepper and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer approximately 20 minutes.

Spinach Soup 2  Spinach Soup 4  Spinach Soup 3

Meanwhile, hard boil the eggs and remove the shell.  Chop the eggs up.  A rough chop, about the same size as the onion.  You don’t want to make the pieces too small because they will dissolve into the soup and we don’t want that.

Chop the scallions into 1/4″ pieces and combine with the eggs. Chop up the small bunch of dill and add to the eggs mixture as well. Add salt and pepper to taste.  Set aside.

Spinach Soup 5

Break up the frozen chopped spinach into half and place them in the pot with the other ingredients.

Spinach Soup 6

Cover and let simmer until the spinach breaks up completely and bring to a boil.

Spinach Soup 7

Remove from heat.  Add the vinegar and sugar and stir thoroughly.

Top with your egg mixture that you’ve set aside and add a tbsp. of sour cream or yogurt and viola, you have a soup that’s hearty enough to feed your entire family for dinner.  Include a side salad and you have a complete meal.

Spinach Soup 1

It’s delicious; it’s economical and very nutritious. What else can you ask for?

Feel free to blend all ingredients together and add a tbsp. of cream to make a healthy creamy spinach soup to warm your bellies. Pour some into a thermos and you have soup on the go!

Recipe & Images by: Ida L.

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