Chelsea Explosion: Suspect On The Run

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The suspect, Ahmad Khan Rahami, has been captured in Linden, New Jersey after a shoot out with police.  

One officer was shot in the bullet proof vest thankfully causing little injury while the second office has been injured.  the suspect is currently being questioned about the explosions.

FBI has released information showing the two explosions both in Chelsea, Elizabeth and Seaside are connected. 

Officials are conducting further raids around the Chelsea and Elizabeth area.

Cell phones were found at the Chelsea explosion as well as Seaside in New Jersey.

Dozens have been reported injured in connection to the explosion in Chelsea and Seaside.

Chelsea Explosion: A Local Terrorist Attack?


5 arrests have been made following an explosion in the Chelsea area of lower Manhattan, Saturday night with possible connections to the explosion that occurred in Seaside, New Jersey.  Suspects were arrested on the Belt Parkway and others suspects may still be at large, including the main suspect.

A person of interest believed to be Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, of Elizabeth, NJ is currently on the run and authorities believe this suspect is involved in the bombing in the Chelsea area.  The suspect is believed to be armed and dangerous so take caution.  A man-hunt is on the way at this time to locate the suspect as well as others who might have been involved in the bombing.  The police department is requesting the public’s full cooperation and assistance if they believe they saw someone or may have witnessed something associated with the two explosions. Please contact your local police department by calling 911 to provide the details. Or you may contact 800-Call-FBI for directly contact with the FBI authorities.

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The train services at the Elizabeth train station in New Jersey were suspended due to discovery of 5 bombs in a backpack which are believed to have belonged to the suspects.  The back pack was discovered by a passenger at the Elizabeth train station Saturday night following an explosion in Chelsea.  The trains are currently running but expect delays for days to following as further investigations will take place. NY and NJ authorities are currently working to together to investigate the details of the explosions and their connections.

It is possible the suspects were perhaps trying to bomb the Elizabeth train station because the suspect lived in the area or they were simply trying to get rid of the bombs before heading to the airport to leave town. FBI as well as the Bomb Squad were called in.  A drone and robot were used to open up the back pack and check the belongings, one bomb was detonated and four others removed from the scene, authorities reported.  The evidence was carefully removed and sent for further forensic investigation.

A raid is currently underway for a father believed to be in his 50’s and two sons believed to be in their 20’s living above the First American Chicken restaurant in Elizabeth, NJ believed to have been connected to the explosions that took place in Seaside, NJ as well as Chelsea in New York City.  An investigation is underway and further details will be released as they are reported.

Monday morning, a search warrant was obtained and FBI and other officials raided the restaurant and have been seen going in and out of the restaurant all of Monday morning. The details of what was discovered have not yet been released but expect the area to be closed to the public until the investigation has been completed of that location and all necessary evidence removed.

This is taken very seriously by government and local authorities of New York and New Jersey and the device which is usually used to send out weather alerts and amber alerts to the public were used to alert the public of the suspect currently on the run. A great idea!

We will continue to report more information as it comes in on the suspects and the situation which is now being unraveled about the explosions.

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