Our Children Are No Longer Safe in School

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The terror continues, shaking up every household in this country as two more individuals have been caught attempting to hurt our children, this time in NYC.  It’s no longer news on TV, but complete reality that none of us truly want to face.  Our children are no longer safe in the one place parents thought they will be the safest which is school.

Perhaps this time the terror has been avoided thanks to the brave NYPD and FBI, but what will happen next time? What measures, different from the ones implemented now, will be used to prevent such a terror from taking place again?

Christian Toro, an ex New York City teacher and his brother, Tyler Toro were both arrested Thursday after the FBI raided their Bronx apartment and discovered 30 pounds of chemicals which was part of the potential explosives they were going to use to blow up the school in Harlem. It was also discovered that they were recruiting youngsters and paying a whopping $50.00 per hour to dismantle fireworks and use the gun powder inside to create them an explosive device that will be used in what they refer to as “Operation Flash”

Among other items that were found in the Toro household, a diary revealed the following information that will send chills down your spine to say the least. “We are twin Toros strike us now, we will return with nano thermite” A backpack was also found belonging to Christian Toro which contained a purple index card with a handwritten note that read “Under the full moon the small ones will know terror”  The mother of two Bronx men, stood in the hallway while her sons were being arrested.

Just a few days ago, a school in Parkland, Florida has been affected in the most horrific way, with 17 children who’ve died as a result of a shooter that FBI have been tipped off about months ago.  A youtube video with a message from the shooter, proudly verbalizes that he will be the next professional school shooter has been discovered.  Unfortunately, it didn’t get the attention it was looking for, therefore resulting in another terrible tragedy.  Who is to blame? Is it the FBI?

According to Ron Hosko, Former FBI Assistant Director advises the public of how the FBI assesses each individual case. The FBI, as every other agency are required to follow guidelines which limits them in opening a case as well as limits the techniques they are allowed to use and finally when they can close the case.  The intent of these guidelines were created to protect the public from the FBI in starting cases that are too minor with not enough information to officially begin a case.

As per Mr. Hosko, he explains further that the FBI is here to protect the national security and concentrates more on federal crimes and national security threats, which according to the FBI; this was neither the case in Florida.  It was dismissed purely on freedom of speech using hateful language without actually threatening any individual.  A hate speech to stir up the public is what the FBI dismissed it as.

There are ways to stop this from happening again. Many continue to debate the topic of gun control, and there are opinions flying around on every social media platform. Many are suggesting stricter gun laws should be implemented.  Perhaps that is true, but removing guns from homes will leave families vulnerable and with no way to protect their families if ever they need to.

A different approach must be used to bring an end to school violence and flat out school shootings that have taken over every state in our great nation.  There must be something we can do besides training our youngsters how to run and what precautions to take when faced with a shooter.  What about preventatives? What about ways to catch the individual when they are flat out warning the public that they will soon commit a terrible crime that will affect numerous families forever.

See something; say something! That’s what New Yorkers have been trained to do.  If they see a strange package on the subway, in the street or just anything out of the ordinary, they are to report it.  A similar slogan must be applied in the same way when faced with a situation like this in the future.  There are times when shooters brag about their acts of violence and it simply goes ignored.

Are our children intimidated and too scared to report these threats to authorities feeling as if they are doing something wrong.  This is something we as parents, teachers and authority need to look into.  There are ways to confidentially report incidents such as these without having to worry about being wrong about the matter and then being ridiculed as being a rat.

Maybe we should look a little deeper and talk about medication and drugs and the effects it has on our kids today.  Did you know that most of the shooters were on some form of medication, whether for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or antipsychotics?  Do we need to look at prescription laws instead of concentrating on gun laws? There is a shortage of mental health care available in our country.  There is also a lack of discipline in our homes by parents who believe their children are never to blame for their actions.  Parents need to step it up and do their part in assisting to raise these kids to be respectful and follow rules.  Rules provided by their parents, their teachers and by society.

By: Ida L.






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