Compote:  National Russian Beverage

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You can always find some type of fruit in my freezer. I’m a big fan of berries, all berries. Since most are seasonal, I can’t enjoy when I want. Keeping frozen berries on hand will save you whenever you get a taste for something yummy.

My favorite beverage of all since I’m a little girl is Compote. No matter what part of Russia you are from, your mom used to make some version of this beverage. My mother used to make it for me until I became old enough to make it on my own.  Fast forward 30 years and here I am still making it, except now it’s for my own children.

It’s like baking cookies. You won’t believe the aroma traveling through your home when cooking Compote.  Don’t be surprised if your neighbors come knocking. Yes, it’s that good!

compote recipe


1 lb. Strawberries – preferably fresh

12 oz. Frozen Black Currant

12 oz. Frozen Cranberries

3-4 Slices of Lemon

1 Cup Sugar – Can use more sugar or sweetener of choice if you prefer a sweeter beverage

8 liters of water – (approximately 2.2 gallons)


Bring a large pot of water to a boil.  If you have a pot that holds 6-8 liters of water, that will work great.

Once the water begins to boil, throw in the frozen fruit first.

Compote recipe 2

compote 7

Meanwhile, cup up all the strawberries in half.

Compote 8

Bring to a slight boil and throw in the rest of the fruit remaining, excluding the lemon. In this case it’s only the strawberries but if using additional fresh fruit, throw those in as well.   If you don’t have any berries on hand, you can use apples, plums or even cherries. The combination is endless! I love them all and create a new one when I can.

Compote Recipe 4

Once you throw in the remaining fruit, bring the water to a boil once again.  It will happen quickly, so pay attention.

Throw in a cup of sugar or sweetener of your choice. Let simmer on low heat approximately 5 minutes.

compote recipe 5

Right before you turn off the burner take a small spoon and check for sweetness. If it suites your taste buds, you’re good. If not continue to add ¼ cups of sugar, a little at a time until you’ve reached that perfect sweetness level you prefer. Drop a few slices of lemon in the pot.

compote recipe 6

Be careful not to over boil the water, you don’t want your fruit all mushy.

Remove from heat and allow to cool before pouring yourself a glass over ice.

Compote 11

You can also enjoy the beverage hot. Just pour yourself a cup just like tea and enjoy a hot cup of Compote with fruit and all its goodness.

Compote 10

Throw the remaining fruit in a blender and add some ice for slushy made from real fresh fruit. No matter how you enjoy your Compote, it will taste amazing.

If stored in the fridge, the quantity will be enough to quench the thirst of your entire family for at least a week.  The best part is knowing that all ingredients used in this recipe are fresh and healthy, so don’t feel guilty having another glass.

Recipe makes approximately 2 gallons of Compote

Look for our Home Made Sangria recipe coming soon!

Recipe & Photo By: Ida L

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