Avocado Spread: The Cream Cheese Alternative

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Everybody is searching for ways to eat better and we’ve got just the thing. Avocado spread, the new cream cheese alternative! 

With Spring already upon us and Summer around the corner, we all need to start cutting calories and getting in shape.  Eating right and eliminating the bad fat where you can will contribute to you reaching your goal weight faster.  Don’t lose hope yet! We’re here to help and bring you ideas that will keep your pallet satisfied.

An alternative to cream cheese that will save you a ton of unnecessary calories, it’s nutritious and it tastes amazing. Need I say more?

What’s even better than that you ask? With the recent exposure of the dairy industry and the inhumane way their workers treat and abuse the animals, you will be contributing to a good cause by eliminating dairy products out of your diet when ever you can.  That’s a good enough reason for me to avoid dairy and look for something other than cream cheese to smear on my bagel, pita, toast, cracker or chip.

Looking for alternatives was no easy task I have to admit.  Cream cheese has always been a big part of my breakfast routine, until now!  Being a New Yorker; a bagel and cream cheese was my all time go to breakfast sandwich. Excluding of course the ultimate bacon, egg and cheese on a Kaiser roll that was the bomb.  Now the circumstances are different and the way I eat and feed my family has evolved as well.

This delicious, creamy and nutritious avocado spread tastes incredible and what’s better is it’s simple to make with everyday ingredients you already have in your home.  I haven’t mentioned the best part. I left a spoon full of mashed avocado in a separate tiny container and made a home Do-It-Yourself facial that left my skin looking dewy and magnificent.  A natural avocado oil that’s nourishing and inexpensive will do wonders for your skin and hair when consumed and utilized on your skin and hair.  So let’s get started!



Lemon juice – about half lemon

Dill – finely chopped

Parsley – finely chopped

Salt and Pepper

1/4 Onion – finely chopped


In a small bowl, mash a full avocado and add the juice of a half a lemon. Be sure to remove the seeds before squeezing the lemon.  Don’t over mash the avocado, you want it to be a little chunky.

Finely chop up dill, parsley and onion and add to the bowl.

Add salt and pepper to taste. Mix well and enjoy.

Pair with eggs and your favorite carb and you have yourself a breakfast you can’t beat. Better than any fast food joint in town.

These days my choice of carbohydrates is a good old fashion pita instead of a New York bagel that I allow myself to indulge in on those rare special occasions.

The spread can be added to practically anything you want. From breakfast to lunch to even dinner. Replace the mayo, the dressing and the spread to serve with chips. It’s good practically anytime. Want to add a bit of a kick to it, add a small amount of jalapeno chopped up finely and you have a treat for movie night your hubby will love.

If any spread is left over, be sure to place in a covered container and store it in the fridge. You must eat the spread within 24 hours or it will start to brown.


Recipe and Images: Ida L






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