New Cyber-Attack (Wanna Decryptor) Causing Panic Around the World: Demanding Ransom Payment

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The number of cyber-attacks continue to grow and many more companies and individuals are coming forward reporting their information is being held for ransom. 

Over over 200,000 victims in over 150 countries and across 6 continents have been attacked.  Experts believe other may be hit with another cyber-attack expected as early as Monday.  Perhaps targeting those countries not yet hit by the previous internet attack.  

Biggest target in the U.S. is the shipping service FedEx and other around the world including police departments, rail roads and hospitals as previously mentioned. This is just the beginning and many are being warned once again beware for the second attack. 

Many have not paid the ransom as requested by the hackers and people are warned not to pay as the hackers will probably not come through and release their information anyway. 

The Unites States is on high alert as countries around the world are attacked by a new ransom-ware virus.  A virus demanding payment for the release of valuable information that has been locked for many around the globe.

Nearly 100 countries have been attacked by this new malware virus that has infected Hospitals, Government Agencies, School and other companies around the world.  The United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan being on top of their cyber-attack list of countries hit.

Their request is payment in the amount of $300.00 in bitcoin form to unlock valuable detailed information they have stolen in order to receive the ransom payment.  The attackers warn if payment is not received, the information that is currently locked, will be deleted completely. Once the payment is received by them, they will at that point release the information they have stolen.

This is crucial for hospitals that depend on information being available at all times regarding their patient and their care.  Lives are being put in danger as officials are working on fixing the situation as we speak.

It has been reported that this is the biggest ransom-ware attack yet, targeting 16 hospitals and many others in this manner.  Many companies, who’ve been affected by this attack, are working towards bringing a quick resolution and fixing the problem as quickly as possible.  Including companies like UPS who uses Windows based program to run their establishment.

They are not sure if patient information has been accessed and tampered with. This would cause complete horror for many companies and organization as patients will be concerned about their health information being released as well as their financial information put in jeopardy. NBC news reported the British Prime Minister Theresa May said “no patient data has been compromised” but one of her ministers admitted Saturday that it had no idea who was behind the attack.

The malware variant is called Wanna Decryptor and sometimes referred to as WannaCry.  British officials know very little at this time.  They have no details as to who is behind these malicious acts. They warn others to beware of this new cyber-attack and suggest that those with Windows based computers are targeted first as those operating systems are easier to access than others.

We will continue to update you with additional information as it comes in. At this time, we warn you to back up all your important data. Government officials recommend that you refrain from using your computers until this issue has been resolved.

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