Cyber Monday Shopping Tips to Save You Even More Money

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If you’ve waited for Cyber Monday all year, well it’s finally here!  

Are you ready to save some serious money and enjoy today’s exciting shopping experience all at the same time? We have some great tips for you!

Cyber Monday, considered one of the biggest shopping days of the year, even bigger than Black Friday, if you can imagine.  Time with family, no matter where is important, but time alone is even better especially when you’re doing some serious shopping online.  With all the commotion of deals everywhere, your selection of where to start is endless, but you have to start now.


Start Shopping Early

Our biggest tip for you, our readers, is start early. As early as you possibly can and your time allows. We all know that timing is everything.  Start your Cyber Monday shopping spree early or you’ll be left in the dust. We have to be brutally honest for you to understand how crucial this first step is in accomplishing your goal, which is to get what you need at the best possible prices available.  People plan on this event all year; they work, they save and now is the time when they shop.  If you wait, there may be nothing left for you to buy.  Have something in mind that’s more specific, get it early or take a chance and settle for something different. The choice is yours!


Signing up for sale alerts is the hottest trend among tech savvy shoppers. If you’re truly interested to do your shopping in a specific store, an inquiry into an alert for that store should be at the top of your shopping agenda. The deals go very quick, be the one of the few many to find out as soon as it’s posted. There are apps available that will send an alert with an indication as to where the sale is taking place, download yours today.

Grab it!
If you see a deal, don’t wait. GRAB IT!  If it’s a hot item, most likely it will not last. Putting off the purchase for even an hour will increase the chances of you losing the deal, unless you were just browsing.  In that case continue on with your “cyber” window shopping experience and enjoy!  Remember even big companies with high end names will eventually run out of merchandise, so act quick or the next customer will jump on it.

Location & Shipping

Pay attention to where the product is sold and where it’s being shipped from.  Time is of the matter here if you’re shopping for Christmas. Some companies may take longer due to the products coming in from another country.  So if it’s a Christmas list you’re working on, be sure it’s here in time.  Purchasing a product from China, for example, will probably take longer than a few weeks to get to your destination. Don’t be surprised if it’s late.  Been there done that and I regretted my decision of going a head with the purchase during holiday season shopping.

Really want that product, you may have to pay extra fee to get it here faster but that kind of defeats the whole purpose.  You may be in luck and the company may guarantee a specific date of delivery and offer free shipping.  Now that’s a deal you can’t pass up.  If you don’t mind the extra shipping time, you can save yourself some extra cash by prolonging the shipping paying for ground.

Credit Card Purchases

If you’re using a credit card with a high interest rate, you’re only fooling yourself if you think you’’ll be saving money. Placing a large purchase on a credit card with a high balance will only take away from the deal you’re managed to get unless you’re paying the entire balance at the end of the month.  Either way you look at it, planning a head and saving your money will get you the biggest deal of them all. It’s called smart shopping.


If you’ve found a deal but get that not so easy feeling about site it’s being sold on, make sure to see if they offer secure check out and if Pay Pal is one of the options for you to use to pay for the product.  Don’t use your Debit card for any purchases made online.  You are putting yourself at high risk. That’s a direct link to your account and the process of getting your account settled with a possible fraud purchase may take longer than anticipated and all the deals will be gone by then.  I always say, “better safe than sorry”, words I live by.


Have a safe destination for your packaging to be delivered. Indicate to the company if you can to NOT leave your packages if nobody is home.  There’s a huge increase in theft of packing being left at door steps and apartment buildings. I usually indicate in the section for where you place the apartment number and populate that field with “Don’t leave if not home”. Most companies will have that option for you to check off so you don’t have to go through all the trouble.  .

Rewards Programs

If you’re decided to put all purchases on your credit cards, at the minimum, you should be selecting credit cards that give back to you.  For example, Discover Card gives you cash back, Ebates gives you cash back with checks being sent directly to you; they even offer huge discounts and free shipping in addition to the cash back, can’t beat that. There are credit cards that offer rewards for purchases, flights and other cool stuff for you to get free or at huge discounts. Look into which one of your cards offers the best deal and continue to save even more.


Another tip for all you Cyber Monday shoppers is, pay attention to the details of the deals listed. Is there a time limit to make that purchase in order to get the deal? Most will lure you to their site but the deal has been over for hours.  They encourage you to continue your shopping in hopes you’ll find something else to buy. If you don’t care, great, but if you feel like the company is trying to trick you into making a purchase without offering you the initial deal you came for, then closing the page is what your next step should be. Like the saying goes “there are plenty of other fish in the sea” There are deals all over town and everybody is offering something special for their Cyber Monday event, you just have to look for it.

Check Out 

Once you’ve made your selections, keep track of the timer on the actual check out cart. They are also set up to keep their online deals moving.  You don’t want to dedicate an hour or so picking out your deals, putting in your credit card information and your demographics only to find out the timer expired and everything you’ve selected has been placed back.  Forcing you to repeat the entire process which most know is not fun the second time around.

Save Extra Time & Money

Have your package deliver to directly to the addressee.  This is a great option to have when making a purchase for someone outside your home. A relative or a friend that perhaps lives out of state or even in the same city. There’s no extra cost for shipping to another location. Another bonus, there’s no need to wrap your gift. Indicating at check out that it’s a gift, will inform the company not to place the invoice with the package.  There’s no need to be concerned, a package slip for an unexpected return will be included.  Hopefully, that won’t be necessary and they’ll love what you sent.

There are hundreds of ways to save money on cyber Monday, not only the deals the stores offer.  Planning a head and starting early is the key.  Let’s get a cup of coffee, log on and get some serious shopping going here.  Have fun and we hope you enjoy the experience!

By: Ida L


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