Do What Makes You Happy Too!

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Each woman interprets her happiness differently.  What makes one woman happy may be different from what her friend considers happiness.  We find our balance in different walks of life but it’s important that we find it eventually.  There are also different levels of happiness that we each experience. We can’t possibly feel the same type of happiness when our child passes a difficult math test compared to our child graduating from College.  Your happiness can’t be the same each time because your experiences in life are different and we evolve.  It’s important to re-evaluate and update your happy list for that reason.  As humans we are programed to feel different emotions and happiness is an important part of that.

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Play Hooky from Work!

Go to the Museum of Shoes if that’s what makes you happy and ladies there is such a thing!  Currently NYC, Barcelona, Toronto and Israel just to name a few have a Museum of Shoes displaying shoes of many generations.  Spend some time walking around reflecting and sipping your Latte.  But only one day otherwise you’ll be unemployed!

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Stay in Bed

Spend the entire day in bed just doing nothing but indulging in treats and watching soaps on TV if that makes you happy, but careful not to overdo it and remember that it only works if done once in a while otherwise you’ll get a set of new problems.

Take a Mini-Vacation … Often!

It’s difficult sometimes to take a 7 day vacation when both yours and your spouse’s schedules are completely booked through 2024!  You’ll be surprised how much rest one can get by leaving their familiar place, like their home for just a weekend.  We recommend taking as many weekend getaways as you can afford or make time for.  Women today are busy multi-tasking through life.  It’s great to have these little weekend getaways to look forward to.  Take your family or simply bring a friend! Don’t forget the Margaritas …

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See an Off Broadway Musical!

It doesn’t have to be a big Broadway production, but a quaint little theater that’s presenting local performers.  This is a great way to support your community and see a great show to lift your spirits.  Look through the newspaper and see what’s playing.  Maybe there’s a celebrity appearance and you’re the lucky one that was able to be there that night!

Spend quality time with your friends

It’s important to always make time to see your friends and spend quality time with them.  There’s a reason you are friends and it’s because you enjoy spending time with them.  Whether it’s one friend you’re meeting for a drink or a group of friends from college.  Your time away from your family allows you to clear your head, have some fun and pick up some new tricks from other ladies on how to satisfy your man in bed!  Oh maybe now your man will like the idea of “girls night out”

Go for a massage

You don’t have to go to a luxurious spa to see a masseuse to relieve some body aches.  Just do some research and you’ll find plenty of little local massage parlors that charge half the price and sometimes offer more for your money.  There are also many unemployed licenses Massage Therapists looking for part time work, you can be helping a good cause and relieving stress at the same time, but always be cautious and do your research.  Don’t go to just anybody just because they charge less.  See if you can have a friend recommend someone.

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Get a Manicure/ Pedicure combo

A little thing like a manicure and pedicure combo can make you feel like a million bucks.  You get to sit in a comfy chair that massages your entire back with a tiny whirlpool surrounding your feet.  Great way to relax and let go.  Even if only for a little while.  Bring your favorite cup of coffee and your iPod and enjoy!  Now you can put your best pair of sandals on and look your best.   You’ll feel great for your night out with your friends or maybe your husband!

Watch your favorite movie!

Have a time set aside during the week, even if it’s two hours on a Sunday afternoon to watch your favorite movie or two.  Get a glass of wine, some cheese, jump on the couch and enjoy.  If your husband wants to join you, great!  If he’s not into your movies, this gives him time to work on his own projects that he enjoys doing on his own.

Buy yourself a treat!

Been admiring that bag in the window at Saks or maybe a new pair of jeans that supposed to make your butt look amazing, well go for it and treat yourself!  How often do you actually get to do that?  Most of your time is dedicated to shopping for your family, your home, a friend’s birthday, but today you’re going to buy for yourself.

Take a luxurious bath

You don’t have to spend a bundle on bath products to feel like you’re in a spa; you can create your own spa in the comfort of your home.  Place a few drops of your favorite scented oil in your bath along with some bubble bath to create a comfortable warm bath.  Set the mood by lighting some scented candles, try sticking to the same scent as the oils in your bath.  Top it with a glass of wine and slip in your favorite CD and you’re all set!

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Most people don’t know, but special skills are not required in order to meditate.  A coach however, is recommended to get you started.  Meditation is great for so many things besides a great way to relax and clear your head so you can make important decisions and feel good about them.  According to American Psychological Association, twice as many women as men are affected by depression and anxiety.  It has also been suggested that meditation affects all the different parts of the brain and it begins to work together better as a whole.  More efficient brain functioning naturally results in a healthier mind and body, better able to cope with and overcome stress.

By: Ida L



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