Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States!

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We have elected our new President, what can we expect to see in 2017? Regardless of who your choice was during the 2016 Elections, we all want to see a change! 

Americans were at the edge of their seats awaiting the results of the 2016 Elections which came in at approximately 2:30 am, November 10, 2016 with the Democratic votes for Hillary Clinton coming in at 218 and completing the final countdown of the Republican votes for Donald Trump at 278.  Donald Trump victoriously won the 2016 Election with his family standing by his side, supporting him.


The pending results throughout the day were very unpredictable and showed Hillary winning the election. However, as the day progressed and day fell into night, the numbers began to climb and Donald Trump’s numbers climbed quickly allowing him to defeat Hillary Clinton and officially making him our next elect-president to take over for Barak Obama come January 2017.

The support that Donald Trump received from his supporters was a site to see with celebrations happening all over the United States and even other countries.  There was great sadness and shock for most of Hillary’s supporters who were disappointed to see Donald Trump win the election instead of Hillary who would have been the first female president in history. This was the reality Hillary supports had to accept as they displayed deep sorrow when the results were announced.  Unfortunately, Hillary did not address the crowd of her supporters who had been waited for hours at the Javits Center in Manhattan on Tuesday night for her to give her final speech. Instead, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta made a brief statement for her shortly after 2 a.m., saying the race in several states was “too close to call” and telling supporters to go home, reports

Hillary has expressed the difficulty she had to deal with immediately following the results of the 2016 elections when Donald Trump won as our next elect-president.  Respectfully putting everything aside the following day, Hillary Clinton congratulated Trump on his victory and offered to help rebuild our country. She offered this statement to the press “Last night I congratulated Donald Trump and offered to work with him on behalf of our country. I hope that he will be a successful president for all Americans,” reports abcnews Hillary also went on to say “This is painful, and it will be for a long time.” which every American watching can understand the hurt she must have felt after losing to Donald Trump and expecting to win this election.  There were rumors Hillary Clinton ordered fireworks to be displayed once they announce her as our next president, indicating complete confidence in winning the 2016 election. Even with this loss for Hillary, she encourages all young people to never give up even when faced with difficult situation such as these, losing the election for presidency. Fight for what you believe in, no matter what role you play in life. This is a lesson for us all.


What should we look forward to seeing in the near future from our new elected president? According to, Trump has pledged to work on his top priorities in his first 100 days as the U.S. President.  His plan includes six measures to clean up the corruption in Washington, DC, 7 actions to protect American workers, five actions to restore security and the constitutional rule of law, Middle Class Tax Relief And Simplification Act, he’ll be working on School Choice And Education Opportunity Act which will end common core, repeal and replace Obamacare Act which will hopefully restore our healthcare system, end Illegal Immigration Act, restore Community Safety Act, restore the National Security Act and we all understand that there will be other crucial items on his agenda, but these are his top priorities at this time.

Melania Trump’s role as the new first lady will be directed towards tackling all forms of bullying, whether it is on the playgrounds in our communities, in our schools or even cyber-bullying that’s taking place online resulting in increase in suicide among young teens. This important cause is what she will be dedicating her time to and making it safe for our children once again.  As a mother, she understands the importance of bringing this crucial issue under control as so many lives have been lost because of it.  I believe all mothers can relate and will support her cause in bringing change for our children and allowing them to feel safe again.

In Donald Trump’s acceptance speech, he was gracious enough to express his gratitude to Hillary Clinton by saying “We owe her a major debt and gratitude for her service to our country” which shows that Donald Trump has made some personal changes himself, by acting more like a leader and less like an uncontrollable child which he’s managed to display in the last. He has made an incredible turnover since his initial speech of announcing his running for presidency 18 months ago and we hope this is something that he continues to work on.  This is not the proper way a leader presents himself because he is not only representing himself, but he will be representing the people that voted for him.  As the next elected president, we expect to see changes for the good of everyone living in this country and it will start with him. Both candidates had an incredible campaign for the last 18 months, defeating 16 other opponents, the largest in history with more political experience than Donald Trump.

Let us all come together and give our new president time to show us what he’s able to do for this country, what changes he will actually work on to make this country great again. The same opportunity that was given to our previous presidents in the past.  After all, this is a country of opportunity and we all deserve a chance to make it great.

By: Ida L



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