Eliminate Back to School Blues with These Helpful Tips

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Summer is almost over and everyone is preparing for back to school.  Most kids are undeniably sad to see the summer end, but they are also excited to be returning to class to meet new friends and catch up with old ones and even expand their education. Believe it or not.

Going back to school is never easy, no matter what age you are.  We’ve made it a little easier with these helpful tips.

Sleep Schedule:

We as parents know that going to sleep at a decent hour every night and maintaining that schedule daily permits us to function better during the day.  Our brain functions at our highest potential when we’ve had enough sleep. The same should apply to our children.  The more sleep they get, the more likely they are to excel academically.  It’s also a great way to keep your stress level at its lowest.  Statistics show that “Stress was one of the biggest factors. Of the 69.9 percent of students who reported they were stressed, 32.9 percent said that stress was hurting their academic performance.”

New School:

New school? No problem! The beginning of your child’s school year, especially in a new school could be a little intimating and flat out scary.  Remember they are not alone.   There are others who are just as nervous as they are and reminding them this fact could ease the situation just a little.

Healthy Snacks

Get your children involved in making their school lunch and snack for the following day.  This nightly ritual is a great way to spend quality time with your children while educating them on making wise decisions when selecting their food.  Instead of adding a bag of chips, try adding a bag of nuts as an alternative.   Encourage them to eat healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle even when they are young.  Bringing their lunch from home is a super idea for kids of all ages. That way you’ll know every single ingredient that goes into their lunch box.

A large number of Schools today have converted to serving nutritious whole foods instead of the processed foods that used to be on their menus.   Need more information on what your child is eating in school? A breakfast and lunch menus are usually sent out for the parents to review at the beginning of each school year.  Review them together with your child and make wise choices.

Be prepared: 

Make sure to bring everything you need to school including your great ideas. The more prepared you are every day, the better school year you will have.  Pack your supplies and lunch the night before to make sure you don’t forget anything important.  Be proactive! The worst thing you can do is lose something important when every minute counts and you need to go.  Avoid the drama and prepare in advance.  You’ll never be tardy and that’s a great characteristic a young person can have.

Daily Exercise:

Staying active and fit is the best way to go if you want to maintain your good health.  That means attending that boring gym class in school that we all hate so.  Unfortunately, it’s something we must all do, so you might as well enjoy it.

Child obesity is on the rise and we must do what we can as parents to encourage daily exercise, whether in school or after.  There’s a choice of activities they can do in school to help keep them active, they just have to find something they love.  Activities such as swimming, basketball, gymnastics or any sport they are good at.  It’s a great way to keep those little bodies fit.   Walking to and from school is a great form of exercise that not only benefits your child, but will benefit your health too.  Join your child in a daily brisk walk to school; you’ll be thankful you did once summer rolls around.

New Style, New Trend:

Keeping up with new styles and trends can sometimes get expensive, but we as parents want our little ones to fit in as much as possible.  An occasional trendy and cool outfit will not only lift their spirits, but will also build their confidence.  Nobody likes to feel like the poor kid in the class.

Watching your budget:

Every year we try to stock up on necessary school supplies that will hopefully get us through the year.  It’s a great time to do when on a budget.

School Goals:

Set realistic goals for your child and they will be sure to reach for them.  Set them up for failure and they will fail.  Don’t expect a 100% on all tests and homework unless your child is gifted.  Setting unrealistic goals for your child will eventually destroy their self-confidence.  They will always feel as if they have let you down and that’s even worse.

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School Clubs:

Inspire your child to join some school clubs.  The more clubs they join, the bigger their friends circle will be. This is a great way to make new friends and learn something remarkable about yourself and who you want to be.  Student debate team is a great start if you’re dreaming of becoming a lawyer.  Learn to defend what you believe in.  Home economics clubs will motivate your kids to help out at home during dinner time.  Perhaps even inspire a future chef. It’s a great way to learn how to be independent and prepare for the future.  One day they’ll need these skills just to take care of themselves.  You’re not always going to be there for them, but you can help prepare them now.

Electronic Devices:

Make a calendar of how and when they are allowed to use their electronic devices during the school year.  Maybe an hour of Xbox playing after they’ve completed their homework. Or allow them to watch their favorite show before going off to bed.  My go to rule is; always take the devices away when it’s time for bed. Don’t underestimate your kids and know if they have their iPhone or iPad in their room, they will be using it after hours.


Don’t forget to reward your child for doing well in school. Make Friday nights “Family Pizza Night”. Your child will look forward family time on the weekends and will make more of an effort to do well in school.

By: Ida L.




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