Female Sports Writers Bullied on Social Media

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Female sports writers bullied on social media (Twitter) with hate messages that are more than hateful, they are straight up mean and very cruel.

It seems the harassment has been going on for years and some messages are just cruel, demeaning and have been known to have been reported to the authorities numerous times.  The level of disrespect for these women makes me wonder and have surfaced some serious questions as to why this is still happening in an age of equality, sort of speak.  To deal with this situation, most have learned how to overlook the negative responses and concentrate instead on the positive and more inspirational ones.

These are just some of the mean things the sports writers had to tolerate:

 “One of the players should beat you to death with their hockey stick.”

“I hope your dog gets hit by a car.”

“Hopefully this Julie DiCaro is Bill Cosby’s next victim. That would be classic.”

Statistics show that for every 10 messages one receives on social media; at least 1 will be a negative message.  However, these hate message have gone above and beyond for these women working in the sports as writers and actually loving what they do.

Is this a way for these hateful men to push the women out of the sports industry by writing demeaning messages in hopes they will step down? They will never step down; they will only grow stronger with every derogatory message they receive.

Let’s step away from all of this for a second and look at the big picture here.  How will this affect our children? How will this affect all the little girls who watched sports with their daddies while growing up and have chosen sports writing as their career?

We must all come together, men and women, in an attempt to bring awareness about this on-going issue.  What’s being done about it now that we know the daily harassment these women face?

Just Not Sports did a video bringing awareness about how women in the sports industry are being harassed.  In their new #MoreThanMean PSA, real men who were not the original authors of the messages, read detestable tweets directed at sportswriters Julie DiCaro and espnW’s Sarah Spain to their faces.

We hope to see changes taking place in the near future for women everywhere, regardless if they work in the sports industry, healthcare or political.

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