Hollywood Industry Exposed And It’s Only The Beginning

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Many are sighing with relief as Hollywood’s big shots are being exposed for sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior and this is just the beginning of what is yet to come.  

For years, rumors have been buzzing about Hollywood’s sexual misconduct towards women and the secret pedophile ring that has involved many child stars we commonly see on TV. It has finally come to surface and is being uncovered daily, with accusations trickling down into the world of entertainment and now politics.

While every child in the world is feeling envy and wishing for an opportunity to be a child star, these poor children in Hollywood were wishing for a normal life. A life without abuse and inappropriate sexual misconduct they had to endure in silence for decades. Imagine seeing the offender day in and day out enjoying life and going about their business as if nothing of had occured.

The special treatment that was being demanded by directors, producers and actors for the opportunity to simply pursue a career in the entertainment industry are unspeakable.  For many actors and actresses, a dream come true that came with a very high price tag.

The scandal that is being unfolded in Hollywood is just the beginning of what is yet to come according to many who have been in the business long enough to see the change taking place.  Many women and men of all ages are coming forward and opening up about the traumatic events that took place and what they had to endure in order to continue working in the entertaiment industry, particularly Hollywood.  The unspeakable is now being spoken and people are listening.

It all started with Anita Hill and the famous law suit against Clarence Thomas.  Bill Cosby was the next big figure in Hollywood who has been accused of sexual misconduct.  The list continues to include, Harvey Weinstein and many others who are being exposed for the same terrible crime, sexual misconduct and flat out inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.  In most cases it was a request for sexual favors but for some it was nonconsensual sex, even rape.  The entire industry is in an uproar about this matter and more and more people are coming forward with their stories.

Over 57 women have now come forward accusing the famous Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein of harassment, sexual misconduct and rape.  Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Paz de la Huerta, Annabella Sciorra, Daryl Hannah, Lupita Nyong’o, Lauren Holly, Angie Everhart, Ashley Judd, Cara Delevingne and Heather Graham, just to name a few of the victims. The long list continues and names are being added daily.

Vanity Fair’s interview with the legendary Jane Fonda who has seen it all, working in the industry practically her entire life, states, “I think it’s going to be harder for men in the future,” she said. “You know, it’s about power. It’s not about sex. It’s about power. And I think now, powerful men—it will be harder for them to think that they can do this and get away with it the way that they have in the past.”

The list continues to grow practically daily, with women and men of all ages coming forward with their story of how and when it first happened to them.  An unexpected amount of people, both men and women, some under age, are opening up about their tragic experiences.  A relief for so many individuals who’ve suffered all this time in silence for fear of not being believed and being black listed from getting any further work in the future.

To be able to talk about it now without feeling shame and embarrassment is an incredible feeling and many are stepping up and telling their story.

Corey Feldman, one of the many young men coming forward with his heartbreaking story of abuse in Hollywood while growing up a child star. A brave soul who has been trying to capture the attention of anyone who would listen for many years, including LAPD, but it seems there was nobody listening until now.  He’s coming forward with allegations against many he is ready to name.  Although scared for his life and his family, he’s speaking out and currently raising money to produce and direct his own movie exposing the pedophiles who are still among the many working in Hollywood.

Corey Feldman has revealed the first name while appearing on the Dr. Oz show this past week. Alphy Hoffman, an owner of an underage venue, Alphy’s Soda Pop Club, from 1986 to 1989, molested him when he was a teenager when he was just a child during a party.

Corey Haim who has passed away back in 2010, was another victim of child abuse and was molested along with his good friend Corey Feldman.  Corey Feldman believes his friend died due to drugs but the drugs were a way to deal with his secret that he has been holding on to since a young boy. Accusations such as these were unheard of in Hollywood until now and many child stars, like Corey Feldman and Corey Haim have seen it first hand.

The list just doesn’t stop with names being added practically daily.  It seems Charlie Sheen is also in the spot light, being accused of raping the young Corey Haim when he was only 13 years old and working with Charlie Sheen on the movie they were both working on in 1986 Lucas.  Although Charlie Sheen has denied the allegations, there is no way to actually prove the accusation since Corey Haim is no longer with us

LUCAS – Corey Haim, Charlie Sheen, Kerri Green, 1986.

According to Actor Dominick Brascia, he said his close friend Corey Haim told him “he had sex with Sheen” during production of the film. Sheen was aged 19 at the time. In the memoirs written by Corey Feldman, he states “At some point during the filming… an adult male convinced him it was perfectly normal for older men and younger boys in the business to have sexual relations that it was ‘what all guys do.’”

Gender doesn’t play a role in these accusations.  Men and women of all ages are coming forward with their stories, most not expecting monetary compensation but only justice for what was done to them.

Courageous women who were never a part of the Hollywood scene, women just like me and you are now coming out and telling their story of sexual abuse. This has been a nightmare for so many who had to live with this pain in complete silence, are now finally able to admit their frightening events that took place at some point in their lives.

#MeToo Movement

Big changes are coming to Hollywood since the flood of sexual harrassment cases have been reported.  A special unit has been formed, according to L.A.’s top prosecutors.  A legal task force has been put together that will only deal with Hollywood’s sexual misconduct cases, since there are so many people coming forward, beginning with Harvey Weinstein.

The list continues to include Jeremy Piven, Louis C.K., Steven Seagal, Roy Price, Chris Savino, James Toback, Ed Westwick and Brett Ratner are among the individuals being accused of sexual misconduct.

This historic event will bring many changes to not only the entertainment industry, but many others as well.  Are big changes coming for women and men in the entertainment industry as well as other industries which are now being controlled by men?  Will there finally be equality in the workplace? The way women have been treated over the years and how they are compensated unfairly purely because they are of female gender.  This is an exciting time, a scary time, vulnerable time for many but the truth is coming out and there’s no where to hide.

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