Italy Gets Hit With 3 Severe Earthquakes Nearly Bringing Down the Colosseum

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Another earthquake hits Central Italy Sunday morning at approximately 7:40am.  A 6.6 on the Richter scale, strongest in the last 3 decades. 

No deaths have been reported, but there are injuries. 

Structures that were not affected during the last quake, only days ago, have now collapsed. 

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi advises the public by stating the following “We will rebuild everything – the houses, the churches, the shops,” said Renzi. “We are dealing with marvelous territories, territories of beauty.” 

Italy is under close watch after approximately 7:00 pm October 26, 2016, three earthquakes hit central part of Italy, nearly bringing down another village and causing severe damage to yet another town.  The tremors were felt for miles away, as far as Bologna.  The earthquakes followed each other back to back with a few hours apart, barely enough time to evacuate the town. The quake measured up to 6.1(second tremor) with the initial shake of 5.4 (first tremor) and ending the last tremor with a 4.9 (third tremor).  The people in that town expressed concern as they have never felt a shock with this level of magnitude in their life.  The earthquakes struck near the border between the regions of Marche and Umbria, but the epicenter is still unclear reports

People residing in that village expressed great concern over the powerful earthquake which destroyed many of their homes and shook up their ancient buildings (Colosseum / Pantheon) which will make them weaker and unstable. Should another earthquake hit their village or surrounding villages, chances are very high that the buildings may collapse.  The structure of the Colosseum was shaken so hard, small pieces dropped to the streets bringing more panic as people feared for their lives. The power lines went down bringing darkness to a town already full of panic. reports that during an interview with the Mayor of the town of Ussita, Marco Rinaldi, he states: “It was a very strong earthquake, apocalyptic.” He also states “”Many houses have collapsed. Our town is finished.’ A scary thought for the people of Italy as they will have no place to go.

It has also been reported, the game between Pescara and Atalanta was stopped due to the tremors.

The illustration below indicates what kind of damage one can expect with each magnitude. Illustration provided by


The level of damage is yet unknown and people are hoping it is not the same level of damage that was cause by an earthquake back in August 2016 in the town of Amatrice. We are thankful there were no lives lost in this earthquake and we’ll continue to report additional information as we learn it.

6.2 Earthquake in Italy Levels 4 Towns


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