Kaffelemonad: Sweden’s Favorite Coffee Beverage Hits U.S!

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Kaffelemonad sounds complicated, but it’s simple to make and it’s incredible!

There is nothing on earth that beats a cold brewed coffee on a hot summer day with a twist of lemon. Seriously!

This refreshing citrus coffee tastes delicious and blends well together. Originated in Sweden but making its way to the U.S. very quickly. Everybody is taking a turn and creating their own unique flavor of Kafeelemonad.

For best results, try using an appropriate coffee to blend with. Something with sweetness to balances well with the lemonade. You can ask your local coffee brewery which they would recommend.  It’s recommended to brew your coffee Japanese style for best results.  The beverage won’t taste so watered down by the time you take a sip.  You can always prepare coffee ice cubes in advance if you know you’ll be enjoying this refreshing cup of heaven later in the day.

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Simple Homemade Recipe:

2 cups brewed coffee

1 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice

Coffee iced cubes

Organic sweetener – to taste

Seltzer or Tonic – optional for a bit of fizz

If you have some extra time, www.sprudge.com recommends making a zesty lemon simple syrup for extra citrus with every sip.

Combine all ingredients together in a pitcher and mix well.  Add ice coffee cubes to start the cooling process.  Dispense your drink into a glass loaded with additional ice for extra coldness. The colder the coffee, the better it will taste.

Good luck and enjoy!

By: Ida L




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