Law of Attraction in 5 Minutes

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I decided to write this after returning from a healing road trip with the biggest Law of Attraction guru I am personally friends with, Eve Featherstone.  You just can’t spend several days with Eve without realizing that she lives Law of Attraction and preaches it just as effectively.  It’s somewhat intimidating at times when she has her moments but she normally gets exactly what she wants when she wants it so she’s clearly doing something right.

I’ll first admit that I am not an expert on Law of Attraction.  Not even close.  But I have a firm enough grasp on a few key concepts and feel that I can get others started and up to speed rather quickly.  There are no shortage of books, videos and classes on Law of Attraction.  But do you really need any of them?  Isn’t this stuff common sense?  Sure, just like most things you can self teach your way to a pretty solid place.  Now for another admission.  I never read The Secret.  I had it given to me by a friend around the same time as another friend gave me the movie.  I flipped through it and everything I read was something I already knew.  I’m sure I can dedicate considerable time to mastering Law of Attraction but who’s got time for that?

Oh and one more thing to mention is that these might not even actually be Law of Attraction concepts.  Remember how I said I haven’t even read the book?  Then how the heck would I know if they are in it?  If they aren’t in the official list of Law of Attraction terms then please accept my apologies in advance.  Just like everything I write about, this is my interpretation of the subject matter and you can choose to believe what I write or tell me I’m full of sh!t.

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Highest Excitement

The first concept I want to introduce you to is “highest excitement”.  This one is my favorite because its so simple to use.  When confronted with a decision, ask yourself “what is my highest excitement?”  Don’t try to analyze it based on facts or logic.  Just answer the question and then go with whatever the answer is.  Here’s a real world example.  I just got back from being out of town for the last 4 days.  I have a pile of laundry to do, no food in the fridge and a bunch of things I “should” be doing.  Then why am I at a coffee shop writing this article?  It’s my highest excitement.  The pragmatic would say I’m wasting time or I should be doing laundry or something “productive”.  But consider this angle.  I want to write this article.  I am going to write this article.  Why not do it now when I’m energized to do it?

Oh but what about my laundry and the grocery store?  Well, they will still be there when I get home or tomorrow or the next day.  And what about laundry?  It doesn’t seem likely that laundry will ever make it on my highest excitement list does it?  Untrue.  At some point, when I clear away the other stuff that does represent my highest excitement, laundry will become my highest excitement.  It might be a fleeting highest excitement moment, but it will happen.

There’s another piece that’s hard to accept with highest excitement.  What if you’re highest excitement is to do something self destructive?  For instance, what if I was also considering going downtown, buying some heroine and then robbing a liquor store?  If that’s my highest excitement, then I should do it right?  I know this is a controversial answer but yes, if it is TRULY my highest excitement then I should just do it and not overanalyze it.  There’s a reason for it.  But let’s be real here.  If that was my highest excitement then there’s no way in hell that I’d be thinking about law of attraction.  If I was in that kind of mental state, I’d clearly be dealing with some demons and wouldn’t be doing much with law of attraction in my life.  To a lesser degree though, you could end up doing things that many would deem as “wrong” but that you would consider your highest excitement.  The key here is to not over think it.  If your highest excitement is cheating on your wife, then there’s a reason for it and something that must be faced head on.  Maybe its something you need to act on, get out of your system and get on with your life.  Or maybe you’re supposed to get caught, have her find out, dump your ass and then free you to pursue a life of your true passion.  Who knows, but highest excitement works in strange ways.

If you can get yourself to act in this manner with everything you do, you will be amazed at how everything falls right into place.  I’m sure that when laundry becomes my highest excitement, the laundry room will be empty and the process will be effortless.  Plus, I’ll then find something to do while I’m waiting for my laundry that also represents my highest excitement.


The next concept is “duty”.  This one doesn’t really take much explanation but consider how much of your life is duty.  My laundry sure sounds like duty doesn’t it?  Yup.  Calling your family members, going somewhere with your friend(that you really don’t want to go), running errands.  Duty, duty and DUTY!  When you do things out of duty, you are not living your highest excitement.  You then resent the time you spent on duty and it just spirals out of control from there.  True Law of Attraction masters do nothing out of duty and everything according to their highest excitement.  As I mentioned above, duty can become your highest excitement.  When it does, act on it and do it!  You’ll feel much better about it.

The beauty of duty(watch for a poem with this name) is that if you handle it right, you can avoid a ton of drama that normally ensues related to duty.  For instance, let’s say your boyfriend’s Dad is coming to town and he invites you to dinner with them.  You’re not thrilled about it, but feel like you have to go because he invited you.  But what if he invited you because he felt like he had to invite you?  Both of you are making decisions based on duty.  He thinks you want to go and you think he wants you to go.  Neither of you are living in your highest excitement.  What if you just told him, “its not my highest excitement to do this so I’m not going”?  Now if he wasn’t interested in law of attraction, he might take offense to it.  But imagine if both of you are well versed in law of attraction and understand the concept of highest excitement?  He wouldn’t have even invited you in the first place!  He’d be man enough to tell you it was not his highest excitement to have you there and therefore you’d respect that he didn’t even bother to invite you.  I know, I know this is a bit of wishful thinking but I can tell you that it is a glorious feeling when you can connect with someone on this level.

On a recent trip with Eve, she wanted to visit one of her friends on the way home.  I was bored out of my mind so I told her it wasn’t my highest excitement to stay there and listen to them talk about people I didn’t know.  When I said that, she got it and was perfectly fine with me leaving to hang out at a coffee shop for an hour.  When she was done, she called me and I rejoined them.  No harm.  No foul.  No bitterness.  No resentment.  Had I stayed, I would have done so out of duty and neither of us would have felt good about it.

Less Than Excellent

This is another one that is a jagged pill to swallow.  What this basically means is that you should never settle…..for anything.  Now we all know that there are times where experiences end up being less than excellent and there’s nothing we can do about it.  What do you do?  Cry?  Yell and scream?  Of course not.  You just recognize that the Universe handed you a less than excellent experience for a reason.  Acknowledge it and then think back to what you energetically did to deserve it.  Chances are you will see a series of decisions leading up to that point where you did things out of duty and didn’t follow your highest excitement.  The result……less than excellent.

I see so many cases of less than excellent behavior with dating.  I was at a cafe the other day and walking through I overhead three separate conversations where women were basically discussing their less than excellent situations to their friends.  When you start settling for less than excellent, you start drawing more less than excellent into your life.

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Wrapping It All Up

There is in fact a reason for everything.  The Universe and/or God does not punish you.  It merely gives you what your intention says you want.  If you settle for less than excellent and fill your life with duty and never realize your highest excitement, then the Universe thinks that is what you want and just keeps giving you more of it.  And you know some people do want that.  You’ve heard of misery loves company.  It doesn’t just pertain to other people.  When you put it out there that you are ok settling for less than excellent and accepting duty, then the Universe just gives you more of it.  But when you fill your life with your highest excitement CONSTANTLY, then more highest excitement scenarios present themselves to you.

I called this Law of Attraction in 5 Minutes because that’s about as long as it should take you to read it and get it.

By: Arcturus Jones



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