One Great Reason to Sprinkle Cinnamon in Your Coffee Today!

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It’s no secret that type II diabetes and obesity are on the rise in the US. Everyone one of us is at risk regardless if you’ve given up that one slice of your favorite cake your mom makes that you love so much and eat rarely.  Or the once in a while cookie that you have just to curb your sweet tooth.  There’s some form of sugar in everything we eat today so making wise food choices and avoiding sugar when you can helps to decrease the scary statistics that are out there regarding our health today.


One way is finding a natural remedy to help treat high blood sugar. or decrease it significantly.  Fortunately, recent news revealed that a common spice like cinnamon can regulate blood sugar by stimulating your body to process glucose more effectively. Who knew? A simple spice that we all have in our kitchens could do so much.

This is one great reason to sprinkle a dash of cinnamon in your coffee grounds before brewing to add a depth of flavor to your cup of Joe and keep your blood sugar regulated.

Several clinical trials have proven the moderate effect that cinnamon in the diet can have on regulating blood sugar. In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, revealed that adding 6 g of cinnamon to rice pudding noticeably lowered blood glucose levels after dinner. I’m not a huge fan of rice pudding, but cinnamon is a spice I have loved since childhood.

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Other studies have revealed similar results.  Cinnamon helped lower levels of hemoglobin A1C in the bloodstream of patients who had type II diabetes. This is an indication of high blood sugar. Cinnamon is also full of antioxidants to protect the body from free radical damage that causes disease. Additionally, it has high levels of calcium, iodine, copper, phosphorous, iron, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and protective anti-inflammatory benefits.

Remember to sprinkle a dash of cinnamon in your cup of coffee this morning to regulate your blood sugar and protect from type II diabetes!



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