Organic Coconut Plum Oatmeal That Will Blow Your Mind!

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An organic coconut plum oatmeal breakfast that will absolutely blow your mind. The breakfast of champions that’s easy to make and literally takes minutes. 

It’s plum season!  The orchards are being harvested, trucks are being loaded and they are on their way.  Plums are most delicious when ripe and eaten fresh, so take advantage and let’s stock up while we can. They’ll be gone before you know it.

What could be better in the morning than a sweet, aromatic and delicious breakfast that’s easy to make and so healthy for you? This is one yummy breakfast your family will absolutely LOVE!


This plum coconut oatmeal breakfast is just to die for! Originally made for my baby girl, I learned that it’s incredible in taste and healthy for us.  What could be better? This will be our go to breakfast for the summer.

I’m huge on substitutes and one particular substitution that I’ve learned to incorporate into my cooking is coconut milk and even coconut water. In this case both can be used but my preference for a creamier oatmeal breakfast delight is coconut milk.

There’s always an improved, economical and healthier way of cooking the same meal.  You just have to pay attention. (wink!) There are hints and tips that I’ve picked up over the years while cooking for my family that made me question some ingredients that are out there.  So incorporate healthy ingredients instead, it may cost a little more but there’s a huge difference when it comes to your health. Invest in it!


½ cup oatmeal

2 sweet plums (more can be used)

½ cup organic coconut milk

1 tbsp. shredded non-sweet coconut flakes (can be toasted in advance)

½ cup plain water or organic coconut water

6-10 Almonds (raw, no salt)

Honey or Agave Nectar can be used for a bit of sweetness


Organic substitutes can be used for mostly all ingredients in this recipe.

Be careful and cook the oatmeal in increments of 30-40 seconds so that it doesn’t spill all over and destroy your microwave.


Cook the oatmeal as you usually would. If you must use a microwave, which is discouraged than you can cook the oatmeal according to the directions on the box.

Peal and mush 2 medium plums. Make sure to pick those plums that are fully ripe and feel softer than the rest.  Set aside until the oatmeal is ready.

Once the oatmeal is cooked, incorporate half the plum pure in with a few almonds, honey or agave nectar and a half a tbsp. of coconut flakes and mix.

The rest of the ingredients can be placed on top and breakfast is served.

Plum 4

It’s not only a breakfast meal, but a great snack or even a meal replacement. Try it and tell us what you think!

One last tip before we go!  Shopping at your local farmers market guarantees fresher produce and overall better ingredients.

Recipe & Photo(s) by: Ida L.



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