Pokémon Go Craze Is Taking Over The World of Gaming

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The hottest game App this summer with 21 Million people joined so far and it just keeps growing daily. Dedicated players who are walking the city playing the famous scavenger hunt game of Pokémon Go. It includes visiting places such a graves, privately owned business and places that were not intended for trespassers, but players are just not caring.

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It seems in New York City, dozens of players roamed through Central Park on Monday looking for “gyms,” where players are able to train their Pokémon characters and battle other teams.  “My friend jumped over a fence onto a private property and had to explain to the cops that it was to catch a Pikachu,” said 19-year-old Nick Luisi, reports NY Post. Sounds like a great App and if you have the time or can dedicate the time to play this game, you’ll enjoy it tremendously.  Even New York City Transit, as well as NYPD are both playing the game.  NYCT recently posted a picture on Twitter of a little two headed monster on with a message for all Pokémon Go players, advising to stay behind the yellow line when playing the game. I guess safety is always first!

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NYPD is playing along by posting a picture of an officer holding a Pikachu.  Even celebrities such as Ruby Rose, Jimmy Fallon, Jonas Brothers and Mario Lopez are playing the game and are not embarrassed to say so.

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The App has been described by many as the biggest step forward in technology and we’ve only began to see the phenomenon behind this new advancement. Let’s get used to it because this is the way we’ll be interacting with computers in the near future.

Niantic Labs, partnering with Nintendo and Pokémon Co. recently released “Pokémon Go,” a free game for iPhones and Android phones and everybody is playing it including the adults. Designed for youngsters interested in computer games, is now being played by men and women of all ages and different ethnic backgrounds.  If you’ve never played the game and have no idea how the world of Pokémon even works, here’s the breakdown.

Pokémon is a media franchise originally created in 1995 by Satoshi Tajiri. The game is centered on fictional/fantasy creatures called “Pokémon”,which we as Pokémon Trainers catch and train to battle each other for sport later in the game. It uses a virtual map from Apple or Google and it shows you where to go to find the monsters and helpful tools you’ll need in the game.

Began as a pair of video games for the original Game Boy and has transformed itself to become what it is today, Pokémon Go! The craziest, on the go game played thus far and people are loving it. Loving it so much they are willing to get out of bed and go to a specific location at night to catch a “pocket monster” that’s bouncing on the sidewalk.  Right there, in front of you, is the virtual monster waiting for you to throw your Ultra Ball and capture him.

Now apply that concept with technology today and you’ve got Pokémon Go, the craziest trending game of all time with the latest concept of AR. Not so latest, but most have never heard of it.

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It’s the latest concept in Augmented Reality which is like virtual reality but a bit different. In Virtual Reality, everything is replaced in the real world with computer simulated world. In Augmented Reality, it’s the same concept only real-time. Sounds incredible? That’s because it is. With the help of advanced augmented reality technology such as adding computer vision and object recognition, the information about the surrounding real world of the user becomes interactive and digitally manipulable and the environment and it’s objects become virtual. The Wall Street Journal calls it “It’s a digital world layered over the real one.”

Interested in joining the craze? You can get it through Google. Sign up with Google and download the App. Ready? Set? Wait, don’t go yet. Here’s some helpful tips from players who’ve already encountered trouble.

If you’re going to play the game, be sure to charge your batteries and bring a spare. Put on those comfy shoes and start walking. Watch where you walking.  You want to cover as much Pokemon Go area as possible, but safely.

The whole world is playing the game, you want to be as prepared as you can to conquer and win! To become legendary winner in the world of Pokémon Go.

Good Luck!

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