Progressive Holiday Party with a Twist!

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The holiday season is finally upon us and everybody is getting into the spirit with parties and events take place all around town.   Excited to join in on all the fun? 

It looks like holiday parties and the way we celebrate is taking a turn for the better. It’s like a Christmas party with a twist but even more spectacular.  Progressive holiday parties are the newest trend and to be honest, sound like a lot of fun.  Along with any good holiday party, there are friends and good conversations, great food and yummy treats.  On the other hand, with every successful party, comes a lot of planning, cooking, decorating, executing your plan to perfection and then a whole bunch of cleaning up. Does the thought of hosting a holiday party all of a sudden sound a little exhausting? I’m with you there!

This year, instead of hosting the same old holiday party, organize a progressive party. Team up with two or three other friends and host your holiday party together. Choose a date, combine guests’ lists, and plan the party menu. You’ll save money, make new friends, and have more fun. Who knows, maybe someone will find love and it’s all because of you.


Decide on which friends you’d like to combine this event with and get to work.  There’s not much time left and sending those invites will take time.  Now make those calls and get to work!

Picking the Date

Picking the date for your holiday party is just as important as the actual party itself, if not more so. There are things to keep in mind when planning an event for so many people.  Let’s remember it’s the holiday season and most folks are thinking just like you. Let’s have a holiday party this year at our home. You want to make sure not to schedule your holiday party too close to the actual holiday as most folks will be busy with their own family and close friends during that time.

The Budget:

What I would prefer to spend on my holiday party may not be practical or affordable for my friends who are hosting the holiday party with me.  Deciding on a budget in advance and sticking to it is essential.  It can be as elaborate as you would all agree on or a simple get together with appetizer’s and some wine would also work great. A decision must be made together. By coming together, you can definitely come up with a nice size budget to afford the extras to make your party unforgettable. People will be calling you next year to see if another is in the works.

The Guest List

Invite only those friends and family members you’re willing to invite into your own home during the holiday season.  Be respectful of the friends home who’s actually hosting the party.  If it’s your home, then make it known that only family and very close friends are to be invited. After all, you don’t want to be hosting a party for 200 people.  It’s not a wedding, but a holiday party so be wise when selecting your guests. Once you’ve made your choices, get together with your other hosts and decide on a concrete guest list. This will also determine how much of your budget will be dedicate towards food and drinks.



Since our holiday party is with a twist, I would suggest a martini party. That way a twist from your holiday party name will blend right in with the theme of the party. If there’s kids involved, use a non-alcoholic drink and make it fun for them as well. Eggnog or a simple fruit juice will work great and the kids will go crazy for them. Another important item that must be discussed during your planning stages is what type of a party will you be having. Are people going to sit down to a formal dinner or will this be a walk around with a plate and drink kind of an event?


If you’re throwing a formal holiday party, it would be great to make your own little invitations making it know that this is an extra special event.  Perhaps you want a specific dress code like black tie.  If there’s not enough time for sending out formal invitations, try a cute little invite via email.  Most people have converted to an unconventional way of sending out invitations anyway. Why not use this method now, it’s so appropriate since your holiday party comes with a twist.


If you’re willing to open up your home and make new friends, that’s wonderful.  Your party is halfway there.  Keep in mind that some people presenting to your event you may not know, so be wise and hide your most prized possessions so they are out of the way and not broken during all the festivities.

If you’re not willing to open your home to other strangers, try renting a venue that’s local and close by.  If it’s not your typical restaurant that charges for food and music, renting a space for one night won’t be too expensive especially if combined with other friends.


Don’t overdo it on the decorations!  You don’t want it looking like Uncle Fred’s house that’s visible from three blocks away.  Keep it simple.  Sometimes, less is more!


This is the hardest part of planning any party, especially a progressive holiday party that has guests attending that you will not know. This is a time that you and your friends must really get down and dirty and decide on a specific menu, keeping all your guests in mind.  With so many people attending from each side, finger foods would probably work best.  Decide on the appetizers that would suit all guests. Decide what main course you’d like to serve and decide on the treats. This includes treats for the children as well, if they’ll be attending.

If you’re looking for a budget friendly party, then cooking your own food will probably work best since it’s the three of you. If cooking is not your best skill, then a decision on who will be preparing the food is necessary.  Be sure to speak with your caterers and get a signed copy of the menu so there are no complications later.  Will you be cooking or will you cater the event.  it’s best to combine your money and get it catered so more time can be spent on preparing yourself and your family too!

Extra Tip:

Don’t stock up on too much alcohol, keep in mind most guests will bring a bottle of wine with them. However, be prepared with enough alcohol in the event they don’t. You don’t want to run out of alcohol during a holiday party. That’s a big no no!

At the end of your event, you may find there’s just way too much alcohol left over, which may not be a bad thing after all. Divide the alcohol between the three of you and party on next weekend.

Including a start time and an end time to your event is very important. Most people when having a good time don’t understand the meaning of “party is over”.  Don’t be surprised if your guests are still dancing at 3:00am if you didn’t include an end time.

Remember, unless it’s specified in advance most people will bring their kids. Be specific on the invitation if it’s an adult event.

Safety First

Ultimately, we’re all adults and we’re responsible to make our own decisions in life, but this is especially true when consuming alcohol at a party knowing full well we’ll be driving home after.  Be responsible and make sure all your guests can get home safely especially since they’ll be drinking at your party.  Speak with your friends and make a plan.  Be prepared to have a few left over guest who’ll be joining you for breakfast. This is something you may want to mention at one of your pre-party get together with the other hosts.


Don’t forget to get together with your friends often in order to work out the details of your big event.  Don’t just assume everyone understands their roles.  Make it an event as well. This gives you a chance to get out of the house and have a little girl time with your friends. Bring a bottle of wine and it’s a girl’s night out!

If your husband’s the one usually responsible for taking care of the holiday parties in your home, then bring him along and make it a holiday pre-party for all, but do it only once to conclude all the details otherwise the party itself won’t be fun for you.  You’ll be sick and tired discussing it to enjoy it when it does come along.

Look for some great holiday recipes coming your way soon!  From appetizers to delicious holiday cocktails, perfect for any holiday party!

We’d love to hear from our readers.  Share your ideas with us and tell us what you think!

By: Ida L


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