Rose Water Is Taking Over Social Media – The Aromatic Romantic Flower is Once Again Making Headlines

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You can finally get your pink on and stay totally hydrated while at the same time keeping your skin supple and looking beautiful.

That’s right!  We’re talking about Rose Water and the many trending health benefits that come along with using the romantic flower to its fullest potential. Who knew the forgotten flower that used to grow in your front yard has so many luxurious and potent properties that are good for us like antioxidants, anti-inflammatory ingredients to say the least.

Rose water should not be mistaken for rose hip oil because the process of creating rose water is very much different and different parts of the flower are used for each one.  This organic skin product that has been recreated into something magnificent is now trending all over social media. But how does it all work and what is it used for?

The process of creating rose water originated in Persia and has continued to make comebacks throughout history.  According to Wikipedia, roses have been used medicinally, nutritionally, and as a source of perfume. The ancient Greeks, Romans and Phoenicians considered large public rose gardens to be as important as croplands such as orchards and wheat fields.

Even Cleopatra used rose water on her skin to keep it looking dewy, glowing and healthy when she ruled as Queen of Egypt. Many are curious as to how this whole process of rose water works. Do we consume it and drink it like a beverage? Is it something that is topically applied to our skin? Can we buy it in a store? Can we make it ourselves? The answer is a big YES to all of them.

People everywhere are feeling inspired, creating their own products that are infused with rose water to say the least. The health benefits just seem to continuously motivate others to join the rose water journey and become part of the trend.

The latest being rose water infused beverages that help keep us hydrated while at the same time provide us with some of the necessary vitamins our bodies need.  By drinking rose water on a regular basis, you are helping your digestive system as well as keeping your bloating to a minimum.  You’re working on your body from the inside out by drinking rose water.  In reality it’s the best way to get the best results.

 As previously mentioned, rose water contains antioxidants like flavonoids which benefit women in many different ways.   Antioxidants are known to be healthy for our hair, nails, skin, weight loss and overall good health.  According to WebMD, their job is to protect us from free radicals which are harmful molecules that damage our bodies as we age.

We’ve noticed rose water making its way into toners because of its powerful astringent properties as well as lotions, oils and other cosmetic products.  It has become popular with the skin care industry because it works well with all skin types and skin conditions making it so diverse practically anyone can use it.

Dermatologists are suggesting using products that contain rose water base instead of oil. Kick the products with artificial ingredients to the curb and use rose water combined with other natural ingredients to heal, repair and produce a beautiful, natural glowing skin.

Benefits for Using Rose Water for Each Skin Types:

Oily Skin

The use of rose water on oily skin will completely clean out those clogged pores and leave your skin looking beautiful and glowing naturally. People with oily skin tend to have large pores which are an indication that a major cleaning is necessary. Applying products that contain rose water instead of oil will allow your skin to balance it out naturally.

Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you can’t just use any old product. The product that you apply to your skin must be specific to your skin type.  You never have to worry about rose water based products because it helps your skin by soothing it when you feel discomfort.  Rose water is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties that work great on delicate skin while increasing blood supply to that area. It is truly amazing what one flower can do. Really!

Normal Skin

If you have normal skin, that’s great! You are a few of the lucky ones. You can still enjoy using rose water in many of your products. Use it as a toner; it’s great for normal skin because it keeps refreshed and cleansed.

The cosmetics industry is not the only industry incorporating rose water into their products. Rose water has taken over the culinary industry tremendously. We’ve seen rose water used by many world famous chefs and fused into various dishes and cuisines.  It’s very popular in many countries and is common to add rose petals to pastries and desserts.

Today, many are experimenting and using rose water to flavor baked goods, cocktails and beverages. Rose water beverages keep you hydrated while providing natural, holistic and medicinal benefits simultaneously.

There are tremendous health benefits to using rose water in your daily routines.  It works great on acne, sunburned skin and overall aging. This is besides the fact that it smells wonderful and is commonly used in perfumes.  The color is beautiful making it that much more enjoyable for us girls. Did you know that rose water is also a great mood enhancer? It has demonstrated to change your frame of mind in just one whiff.

Rose water doesn’t stop there; it continues to work hard by helping those with all sorts of skin conditions such as psoriasis and dermatitis just to name a few. It works great on any skin conditions that produce scaling of the skin.

You can incorporate rose water into your daily routine, not only by purchasing rose water cosmetic products. You can do it by keeping yourself hydrated with rose water infused beverages that are popping up all over town.  Companies are watching the market and creating products that are trending today. They love the smell, the look but they also enjoy the flavor which is what it basically comes down to. The taste!

We encourage you to buy your products that are organic to achieve the best results as well as cruelty free. We at The Coffee Cup NYC will never intentionally purchase any product that participates in testing on animals. 

By: Ida L.



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