Tai Chi Performance Miracle for Diabetes

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The ancient art of tai chi, renowned for its health and relaxation benefits, has now been proven to be a fantastic form of exercise for sufferers of diabetes.  Studies have shown this powerful martial art to lower blood glucose levels, induce weight loss, reduce insulin resistance and lower blood pressure.  Participants from one of the studies also claimed the additional benefits of increased energy, less pain, sounder sleep and fewer food cravings whilst taking part in the 12-week program.

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Tai chi is almost like a moving form of combined yoga, meditation and deep breathing.  It assists the free flow of energy in body, mind and spirit.  When energy is flowing smoothly, we are in balance and harmony and thus experience good health.  When there is a blockage or disruption in our system, which prevents the energy from flowing, we suffer and become ill.  So tai chi can be seen as a correction in energy flow, a healer and an immune booster.  When viewed in this way it is easy to see how it can have such a powerful impact on our health.

From personal experience I discovered amazing benefits very quickly from practicing tai chi, and when I say quickly, I mean in a matter of four weeks!  As well as all the common benefits such as a calmer mind and better sleep, I also experienced a remarkable bonus – my asthma, which I had suffered from since being a very young child, virtually vanished, as did the clusters of broken capillaries on my cheeks.  I didn’t realize that the two were interconnected until my teacher informed me that broken capillaries on the cheeks are a sign of a weakness in the lungs.  The face can really be a picture of health!  And it was all down to a simple two hour class over a period of four weeks with results that blew me away.   Goodbye Ventolin and Becotide inhalers – hello tai chi!

Remember to always consult a licensed healthcare practitioner before embarking on any treatment, it’s your health and it’s IMPORTANT.



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