Teal Pumpkin Project Bringing Awareness Nationwide During Halloween Festivities

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No yummy treats on Halloween? Not fair but it’s a reality for many children!

It’s that time of the year again when we decorate our porches, front doors and windows with Halloween decorations and we’re ready for all the festivities that come along with it like trick or treating and everything pumpkin.

Kids of all ages wait all year to dress up like their favorite character so they can go around their neighborhood, along with their friends, collecting candy and other yummy treats they love so much.  It’s the time of the year that even parents take pleasure in indulging in a little bit of junk food, because that’s what the holiday is all about, delicious treats and scary surprises.

This is the day when no rules apply.  It’s once a year holiday when kids could really enjoy the treats without any guilt, but what happens if  the child is allergic and can’t enjoy the holiday like the rest of the kids.  What if the medical condition prevents your child from joining in on all the fun? What happens when your child is simply allergic to all the junk food being given to all the kids on Halloween? What if the allergy is severe and can cause death? Is the holiday a treat for you and your family or is a burden?

It’s sad and unfair that most children have allergies to foods such as nuts and eggs that prevent them from enjoying this creepy, crawly holiday like the rest of the kids in their neighborhood and every neighborhood around the country?  This is a problem for parents as most kids simply do not understand the severity of the problem but simply want to be a part of all the festivities like their friends.  A medical issue that’s hard for kids to understand and even harder for parents to explain it to them.  It’s a problem that doesn’t go away with time or get better, but could even get worse as the years progress.

Food allergies are a serious problem in the US according to FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education), it’s affecting up to 15 million people in the US, and as many as 1 in 13 children.  The statistics are alarming but most parents, whose children do not have allergies, do not consider these figures frightening during the holidays such as Halloween and do not offer an alternative.

The problem is severe and needs immediate attention and awareness.  These allergies can sometimes include severe skin rashes, sometimes forming hives all over the child’s body.  It may affect their breathing, developing a wheezing sound that screams danger.  The child may also get a belly ache, feel nauseas and may even vomit from the affects of eating a food they are allergic too.

There are numerous other deadly affects of allergies that may be fatal such as cardiovascular collapse which affects the heart and the vascular system. A very serious problem as there is sudden loss of blood to the brain.  This is a symptom hard to recognize unless you’re educated in the subject and aware of what to expect.  If delayed, the allergy can work very quickly and there will be little time save that child’s life.

According to FARE, the most common foods that have been known to set off an allergic reaction are milk, eggs, soy, wheat, tree nut, peanut and sesame.  These foods if consumed by young adults who are allergic, can affect social development, mental outlook and nutritional balance in developing children and teens.

FARE is bringing awareness into every home, school, business and every community that participates in Halloween festivities.  They’re emphasizing the importance for every parent and non-parent participant to be fully aware of food allergies when giving out treats to kids during Halloween.

Teal Pumpkins have been the latest trend in bringing awareness about food allergies into every home in this country during Halloween.  The teal pumpkin advises anyone ringing their door bell on Halloween; this home gives out non-food treats to every child that rings their door bell.  People are taking notice and beginning to participate, making our neighborhood safe again for all the youngsters trick or treating.

If you’re interested in being a part of this exciting new trend, this is what you’ll need to do.  It’s effortless and takes little to no time to participate and it will save young lives.

There is nothing you would need to replace, but only add to.  In addition to having your orange pumpkins displayed on your porch or by your front door, you can now place a teal pumpkin next to it representing that you only give out non-food treats.  This allows parents to feel comfortable about allowing their kids to approach your door. They feel relaxed, knowing their children will be safe from receiving possible foods they may be allergic too.

The supplies you’ll need to create a teal pumpkin are as follows:

A real pumpkin or even a plastic one can be used.

Teal spray paint because teal pumpkins don’t exist. If they do, you may not be able to pick one up locally.

Decorations you usually use to decorate your pumpkins like pins, beads, metallic wires and other pretty stones.

They can be found in CVS, Michael’s or even Party City.

Non food items that can be given to trick or treaters:


Pokémon Cards

Rings, Bracelets and Necklaces

Baseball Cards

Dracula Teeth

Temporary Tattoos

Glow sticks




Book Marks

Halloween Water

Thinking back to when I was a child, trading was very common amongst friends after trick or treating.  There were times when I have traded candy for a non-food item and I was thrilled.  It’s also a great way to encourage our kids to eat less sugar and avoid child diabetes, gluten problems, decrease hyperactivity and avoid many other medical conditions as well.

Let everyone know you’re participating by placing yourself on the map.  To do so, follow the link below.  .


This will put you on the map for your neighbors to see that you fully participate in the FARE Teal Pumpkin project and your home is a safe zone for food allergies.  Even if you have no kids of your own, you may want to show compassion to the children currently dealing with this matter

Is it possible that Teal Pumpkins will eventually become the new Halloween tradition? I think so! Let’s get all our ghosts and goblins together and prepare for Halloween night which is just around the corner!

Let’s make it a safe experience for everyone! Happy Halloween!

By: Ida L.




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