The 7 Positive Characteristics of a Worry Wart: Learn to Live Stress Free

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Is there a worry wart in your life that’s driving you insane? Learn how to live stress-free! 

Unfortunately, worrying is a negative character trait and an automatic behavior that’s beyond the individuals control.  They can’t help but to worry and overthink every situation, presenting questions that most will not bother asking.  They call, they text, they question every aspect of your like and you’re not quite sure on how to handle it.  A life with a worry wart can get a bit difficult and overwhelming but we’ve learned how to turn those negative traits around and use them to our advantage.

We’ve recently discovered they are not as bothersome as we originally thought they were.  They have a combination of positive characteristics that most don’t possess.  Step back and look at the big picture; you’ll realize they do this because they genuinely care about your well-being or else they would not even bother.

Here’s what we’ve found!

Great Memory

They have a great memory; it’s very sharp and clear and remembers things most would have forgotten.  Many may not be aware of this, but they keep an internal list of items they are most concerned about. The list is very precise and they will follow up on it daily if they have to, to ensure all items are crossed off as needed.


They are very creative individuals and will consistently look for ways to improve their life or make it easier.  They are very big on DIY projects and will get the job done, no doubt about it.

An article recently published on, they mentioned an interesting aspect about an individual who is a habitual worry wart.  Their constant worrying about everything will stimulate their creative side which can lead to creative discovery, according to Adam Perkins, a lecturer in the neurobiology of personality at King’s College London.

“Imagine there is someone who is daydreaming a lot and has a lot of inner thoughts. If those inner thoughts are about a particular problem [that person is] going to be coming up with [creative] solutions to particular problems,” said Perkins, one of the researchers who analyzed scientific literature about self-generated thought.

Always Prepared

Worry warts have a plan for everything and they’re prepared to deal with every situation as it comes along.  They understand that planning ahead will ease their nerve-racking later, so they are always ready for what life throws at them.  They are far from a flow as you go kind of a person and are very self-disciplined; something I’ve been working on for years but still can’t manage to accomplish.

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Preventative Care

Most worry warts are extremely involved in maintaining their health as well as the health of their loved ones. They will attempt to prevent an illness rather than deal with it in the future as most would.  Let’s be real here.  Most people will not schedule a visit with their doctor until they are literally on their death bed.  Funny, but true!  It may be a huge assumption on my part, but nobody wants to wait to see the doctor no matter what it is.  We don’t want to hear the bad news that may change our lifestyle in anyway because we are comfortable where we are.  We surely don’t want to pay any type of medical bill if we really don’t have to. However, a worry wart will not mind because they prefer to avoid the problem to begin with by taking care of it before it turns ugly.

 Over the years, I have learned to make more of an effort to take care of myself. With timely visits to my physician, this by the way resulted in me feeling better much quicker.  I have to admit, I feel better than ever since starting preventative care.


They are very much focused on their life goals and their daily responsibilities.  What they fear most is wasting precious time on mistakes which could have been avoided if they were properly thought through.  For most, staying focused takes a lot of effort and it fades as the day progresses. That is never the case with a worry wart.  Their worries keeps them focused on finding solutions quickly, so until they do, their attention is directed and they are completely focused on what’s important for them and their loved ones.


There is one thing you can count on when it comes to a worry wart and that’s consistency.  They have a pattern to their behavior.  Worry warts will never change and neither will their behavior so don’t make any unrealistic requests like asking them “not to worry so much”.  They understand that they’re excessive worriers but their behavior is out of their control so don’t expect any drastic changes anytime soon. It will not matter how many years have passed by, they will be consistent in what they believe in and will most likely not change as time passes.  I find their consistency kind of comforting; knowing they will never change and they don’t have to on my account.


Worry warts are usually very giving people.  They will always put others ahead of themselves in almost every situation, especially when it involves a loved one. They will extend more care to others without expecting anything in return.  In fact, it brings them great joy to see others happy because of something they have said or done.

The next time you’re around the worry wart, you’ll be more patient and accepting of their behavior.  Be a little more tolerant and keep your annoyance to a minimum.   After all, they only want the best for you

My biggest advice for a worry wart is to end the struggle of worrying about worrying and live a life that makes you happy.   Stressing about matters that are out of your control is time wasted.  If you feel the need to worry, worry about matters that are of great importance to you and your family. You are losing precious time today worrying about the possibilities and uncertainties of what the future holds.  Avoid the health risks associated with constant worrying and free yourself.  Certain restlessness about a worry wart keeps them organized, efficient and flat out happy in living a healthy life.  I say; if it works for them, allow it to work for you without allowing it to control every aspect of your life.

By: Ida L


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