The Newest Breakfast Sensation Hits New York! Kumato Tomato & Cream Cheese Bagel

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Kumato Tomato and Cream Cheese Bagel! The Newest Breakfast Inspiration 

New Yorkers are switching breakfast sandwiches and making an effort to eat healthier.  Although the classic and everybody’s favorite “Bacon, Egg and Cheese” sandwich will always be at the top of the list. This breakfast alternative, created in a New York apartment, has become just as popular. The taste is absolutely incredible when combined with a lightly toasted bagel and a spread of your favorite cream cheese. Trust us we’ve tried it and loved it and are now recommending it to you!

This simple and nutritious breakfast sandwich will absolutely blow your mind.  It has a creamy texture and the hardy ingredients will leave you feeling full until way after lunch. It works wonders to decrease your mid-morning cravings, saving you from gaining the extra pounds.  You will surely snack through out the morning if your breakfast wasn’t filling enough.  If you’re a vegetarian and looking for something new, this breakfast is definitely for you.

NY Bagels

Let’s get started, because I’m just starving now!


Bagel (whole grain optional)

Cream Cheese

Tomato (Kumato) – sliced into thin slices


Za’atar Spice

Salt & Pepper – to taste


Cut bagel into half or into quarters, however you prefer to eat it. I use a whole grain bagel, avoiding the extra calories and cut mine into half.

Spread cream cheese of your choice over each individual half and place slices of tomato over the cream cheese. You can place as many slices of tomato as you’d like. The type of tomato that you use is up to you. I don’t recommend cherry tomato as they will probably fall off the sandwich before you take a bite.

                        Sprinkle Za’atar Spice, salt, pepper and dill and you’ve got the yummiest breakfast chow to hit this city in a very long time.  I guarantee it.

Ny Breakfast Sandwich


Use a bagel or bread of your choice. I have made this sandwich using pita bread which contains only one gram of fat per pita. I have also used flax or chia seed crackers and made individual snacks for kids.

Use a tomato of your choice. The taste or color is up to you. I have made this sandwich using plum, green and even purple tomatoes. It all depends on what I have in my fridge at the time.

The cream cheese you use is also up to you.  If you’re lactose intolerant, then I would recommend using a cream cheese that has a low level of lactose. If you’re vegan, there are manufacturers that produce vegan cream cheeses.

NY breakfast sandwich

Now grab a cup of your favorite coffee and you’ve got breakfast of champions!


Let us know what you think and what your favorite breakfast sandwich is, we’d love to hear from you!

Recipe & Images by: Ida L

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