The Pizza ATM? You heard it right!

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Finally, an ATM that dispenses food! Not just food, but hot, fresh, delicious cheesy pizza.  

You are not dreaming.  It’s a reality and currently available in Europe at over 300 locations.  According to Alec Verlin, owner of Paline LLC, a privately owned business based in Cincinnati that produces the Pizza ATM told “Pizza ATMs have been in Europe for the past 13 years.” Well the good news is that it now available in the U.S.  Cincinnati is the first in our nation to join The Pizza ATM craze and they are loving the idea.

This luxury has recently become available to the students of Xavier University.  For a small fee of $9.00 – $10.00 per pie, depending on your choice of topics of course, you can get a pizza any time of the day and night cooked to your satisfaction just the way you like it.  A great idea? I think so.

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This is a great way to keep the college kids on campus, instead of wondering around town looking for a place to grab a snack.  Keeping in mind the vending machines don’t really have much of a selection besides sugar drinks and processed foods that we don’t want our children eating in the first place.  As a parent, I would feel much better and would probably contribute to the project if I knew it would keep my child safer while at school and eating a bit healthier. Let’s remember that not every city offers delivery service like New York City for instance where delivery at midnight is very much an option.

The Pizza ATM has some great features.  It is capable of producing a hot pizza in under a few minutes and the machine itself is equipped to hold up to 70 12” pizzas of your choice ready for pickup at any time you have a craving. It’s user friendly, has real time alerts, a real conventional oven and you don’t even need to use your cash. Its credit and debit card ready which is a great convenience since getting change of a $20.00 is pretty hard to do when it’s the middle of the night.

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It’s being described as a “fully automated vending machines that preserves, cooks and dispenses your pizza in just 3 minutes. That’s a heck of a lot of time saved when you have more important things to do, like completing your project that’s due in just a few hours.

A great option for the college students, but an even greater advantage for all existing pizza shops around the neighborhood because they may finally be able to market their brand by being encouraged to purchase the machines  and load with their own healthier ingredients and create a pizza built for this century.  Perhaps a more vegan friendly version as most are switching to a more healthy lifestyle.  The benefits are just endless.

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This will not only guarantee that your family recipe continues to be available for your loyal customers, but it gives the seller a chance to market their brand and in return increase their sales. A genius idea that not only increases your revenue because your pizza will sell even when your business is closed, but the seller will also gain by reducing operating costs.  It seems everybody wins from this innovative new pizza trend.

Hope to see one in your neighborhood soon!

By: Ida L


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