Trendiest Organic Hair Colors

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Trendiest Organic Hair Colors 

Are you brave enough to follow the trend?

Spring is finally here and it’s time to let your hair down.  Hard to do with last year’s color and roots that just won’t go unnoticed. Surely, they will not make it as the next trend sad to say. So! What to do?

Hair trends are not what they used to be. In fact, they have become more dramatic and theatrical with every passing year.  I’m not complaining, but simply stating the obvious and I personally love it! Let’s check out some of the favorites currently out there.


As beautiful as platinum is, the popular metallic tint requires plenty of maintenance to preserve the shade. So be prepared! Visits to the salon may be often.

hair 7   hair 8


 Not everyone can pull off the greyish ash color, but with light eyes and fair skin you may be the perfect candidate.  Not every salon can guarantee the color, so do your research.  Ask a friend or two before committing to such a change.

hair 9

Sandstone Blonde

A light golden blonde with warm undertones and strategically placed platinum throughout. Simple, beautiful and will enhance your own skin tones.

hair 11  hair 10

Rosy Posy Pink 

A look of elegance and femininity is what first comes to mind.  This delicate pink tone works best on blondes with any length hair.

hair 13  hair 31  hair 12

Creamy Caramel

The name says it all!  Spells rich sweetness and charm. Soft, creamy and luxurious colors blended together to create a caramel color with honey and blond tones for a great summer look.

hair 5  hair 6

Spicy Copper

Skin and eye color are crucial and play an important role when selecting the warm and golden blend of copper.  The best fit for this shade is fair skin and green or blue eyes which will make the look very natural and youthful. Let’s not leave the brown eyed beauties out!

hair 23  hair 24 hair 22

Pretty in Pink

Never a dull moment with this pretty in pink hair color. Works best on any color hair and with any skin tone. You can sport this color for a special cause like breast cancer to support a friend or a loved one or you can simply wear it to express yourself and of course because you love it.

hair 15  hair 16  hair 17

Purple Pizzazz

A stylish and edgy look will completely transform you this summer.  A stunning look for a new and younger looking you.  A brave soul willing to try a trendy color!  It may only last the summer, but it will be so worth it.

hair 32  hair 27   hair 26

Blueish Black 

Do you want to stand out and look totally unique, try this blue elegance that has finally made its way into the hair color market?

   hair 21hair 20

Fire Red

Red is Hollywood’s trendiest and hottest color of 2016, yet it’s the hardest to maintain.  If you want to keep your fire red hair looking radiant longer then try using a color safe shampoo and conditioner.  They are specifically formulated to keep from stripping the color off.  Avoid washing your hair daily, instead use a dry shampoo.

hair 28  hair 29

Regardless of what color you select, maintaining it is as important as the actual process.  Make sure to get color appropriate hair products to upkeep the beautiful shades. Good luck and have fun with it! After all, if you’re not fully satisfied, you can always change it.

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