Stunning Wedding Cakes Trending This Summer

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From the simple and elegant to the most stunning and exotic trending wedding cakes this summer!

Are you getting married this summer? Maybe planning a wedding in the near future and you still haven’t picked out your wedding cake?  Not to worry! We have a selection of styles that will fit any wedding.  The cakes that we’ve selected will surely help you with your decision making and make the process that much easier and fun for you both!

Let’s first take into consideration that the wedding cake is just as important as the wedding dress and should be taken just as seriously.  The cake represents who you are as a couple.  Select something wild and extraordinary; it will say the same about the two of you.  Select something elegant and they’ll be singing a different tune! The main idea is to make sure that you and your groom are both happy with the cake that you’ve both selected.

wedding cake 4

Before picking out the cake, it’s best to have selected a theme or at least a color for your wedding. If it’s a black and white wedding you may want to consider incorporating a color such as red into the cake.  If you’ve selected a color, it’s best to leave the cake as simple as possible or match some of the cake to the color of the wedding.  Some brides even leave a piece of their lace from their dress and the designer of the cake can match it up and include a similar lace design on the cake.  The choices are limitless and most bakeries will customize the cake to your liking, including the filling, the type of icing, the flowers used (whether real or fake) or even with the latest trend which now includes a lot of bling bling and very bald extravagant colors!


Let’s start with one of Pantone’s colors for 2016, Snorkel Blue. A beautiful shade of blue; a color that’s easy on the eye and just screams SUMMER! Couples are just digging this new color that works well with any metallic tone of silver or even gold.

Snorkel Blue

snorkel blue 1

snorkel blue 3

snorkel blue 4

snorkel 5

snorkel 6

snorkel blue 2

The Naked Cake 

The newest trend in wedding cakes which focuses it’s attention on what’s on the inside of the cake rather than what’s on the outside and the end result in pure genius!

naked cake 3

naked 4

naked 5

naked 6

naked 7

naked cake 2

naked cake 1

Bling! Bling!

What’s better than diamonds? A girls’ best friend forever, especially on her wedding day.  If your wedding dress includes some bling, so should your cake. It’s that simple!

bling 10

bling 2

bling 1

 bling 1

bling 2

bling 9

bling 7

Art Inspired 

We’re talking marbleized cakes, stained-glass painted cakes and even Monet-inspired wedding cake designs.

art 1

art 2

art 11

art 3

 art 7

art 4

art 5

art 6

art 10

lines 5 floral 1

Sugary Lace 

This design just screams femininity, innocence and elegance. It’s beautiful and the best part is it’s going to match your dress!

Lace 1

Lace 2

Lace 3

Lace 4

Lace 6

lace 8

lace 11

lace 9


Look who’s making a major comeback. Pastels! Pantone’s wedding colors of 2016.  A decision couldn’t be made on a specific color like last year, so many tones were selected like Rose Pink & Sky Blue.

wedding color 2016 1

pastel 6  pastel 7

pastel 4

pastel 5

pastel 3

 pastel 2

 pastel 1

 Personalized Cakes

Include some baby photos of the bride and the groom and watch your cake transform into a masterpiece.

photo 1

person 3  person 2

Fascinating Metallics

I love the rich look of gold and/or silver on a wedding cake. Get married in style!

metallic 1

metallic 2

metallic 4

metallic 5

metallic 6

Metallic 3

metallic 7

wedding cake 3

Lots of Ruffles

Imagine the beautifully gathered pleats all over the cake with delicate flowers or beads to compliments it’s already incredible design. The look says it all.

The cakes just look amazing and almost fake, but we assure you they are delicious and almost too beautiful eat.

ruffle 5


ruffle 4

ruffle 3

ruffles 1

ruffle 2

Multi-Color Cakes

Haven’t decided on a color yet?  Maybe you don’t need to pick something specific.  Take a look at these creative ideas that have shaken up a wedding or two.

colorful 1

colorful 4

colorful 5

colorful 7

Black & White Wedding

If you’ve decided on a formal wedding with the elegant colors of black and white, here’s a selection that will fit any taste.

black and white 3

black and white 1

black and white 2

 colorful 2

black and white 4

black and white 5

black and white 6

black and white 7

black and white 9

black and white 10

black and white 12

black and white 13

black and white 14

black and white 15

Marsala Wedding Cakes 

Let’s look at 2015’s most incredible wedding cakes that are still some of our favorites!

marsala 9

marsala 4

marsala 1  marsala 11  marsala 2

marsala 3

marsala 5

marsala 10

marsala 6  marsala 7

We hope that we’ve inspired you and made your decision process a bit easier. We know planning a wedding is hard work so we’re here to help.

Look for more of our inspiring wedding cake ideas coming soon.


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