Why I Withheld From Buying Makeup and Switched to a Beauty Box Instead!

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Debating whether to subscribe to that beauty box? We can help make that decision process a lot smoother and we’ll guarantee you will love it. 

It’s the recent craze with beauty boxes that initially captured my attention.  The reason why I stopped buying makeup and made the switch in the first place. There were so many options available on the market to choose from and the beauty products inside were always anticipation for every girl on their monthly mailing list.

My initial reaction prior to becoming a member over a year ago was the sample sizes included in the beauty box will be tiny, not enough to last me through the month, but I was wrong. I have found numerous benefits in subscribing to the monthly beauty box, even my mom joined about 4 months ago. I found that with my latest purchase, I could stop buying high end makeup products and spending a fortune on a full size bottle of cream, a full size bottles of liquid foundation, nail polishes, lipsticks, mascaras and numerous other products just to use once and never return to it again because it was just not for me or I did not like the way it felt, smelt, or irritated my skin.

It was a waste of my precious money, my time spent on reviewing the product, locating the product and traveling to get it, just to find out I was not happy with it after all. There is a draw in my bathroom that is completely filled with makeup that I will never use again.  My husband has made it a point to open it every time he enters the bathroom just to remind me of the unnecessary purchases I have made.

The list of companies offering the “Beauty Box” is endless now that every makeup, hair product, nail product, cream, serum and so many other companies got a whiff of how popular the beauty boxes have become and their sky rocketing sales; they all became involved and made their own product available to the public in the same fashion which has worked for so many others.

Most Popular Beauty Boxes of 2016:

Target Beauty Box: $7/ month

Ipsy Box: $10/ month

Birchbox: $10/ month

Play! by Sephora: $10/ month

Allure: $15/ month

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box: $19.95/ month

Cocotique:  $20/ month

BeautyFix: $24.95/ month

Honest Beauty by Jessica Alba: $50/ month

The beauty boxes are available for women of color as well as Vegans. The products will usually display if they were tested on animals and if they are cruelty free which is what you should look for. The boxes also come with complete instructions on how to use them as well as coupons for future purchases.

The beauty boxes are now available for women as well as men who joined their spouses in preserving their looks by using products that will decrease their aging and remove the unwanted wrinkles we all tend to get.  The companies that cater to men offer products that are trending among the men, like colognes and hair products. Their concept is a little different since makeup and polishes and that sort of thing is not really something a man would want or desire in his box.

The products are different every month depending on the company you use and will cater to most women. There is a way to further customize your box and give those specific details on yourself and they will include products they feel you will benefit most from.  For instance, if you have oily skin, the products will be more directed at oil free products or products that are specifically made to target oily skin.  If you have dry and brittle hair, the products included in the box will be directed at making your hair more manageable and soft. It’s actually pretty neat!


The beauty boxes range from $5 per month to about $50.00, depending on the type of products you prefer to use. If you purchase your beauty products from a local pharmacy, which there is nothing wrong with, then you may order a monthly beauty box that will cost approximately $10.00 per month and will include items commonly seen in your local pharmacy or beauty store.  On the other hand, should your preference in makeup be high end products then aim your dollar higher, maybe $15.00 or $20.00 box is what you need.

If you need something specific like a new line from Jessica Alba Company, she is now offering a new beauty box that will include items from her Honest Company. You may choose up to 3 items of your choice but the box is understandably more expensive due to the products used.

The benefits to these beauty boxes are endless.  There is no need to run around town looking for beauty products anymore! Delivery to your door, every single month!  Each box will contain approximately 5 to 8 items, all for different part of your body. This is a great gift to give a friend for her birthday or perhaps your mom for Mother’s Day or even that family member that’s hard to buy for, for Christmas.

Stop the delivery any time by either suspending your order if they offer this option or just stop the subscription completely. Be smart and request an email indicating they have stopped your subscription because you just never know mistakes can happen. There is no contract to sign, stop when you feel you’ve reached your level of knowledge and you’ve learned which products work best for you. Or a better idea would be not stop at all and just continue to receive your monthly subscription and keep yourself updated on the latest products on the market available to you today. The choice is yours! I’ve made mine and I have to be honest, I am really happy with my choice.

By: Ida L

Images by: Ida L.


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